How to stream to Twitch with Nvidia ShadowPlay

Short tutorial to show how to stream to Twitch with Nvidia Shadowplay. Press alt+F8 to start streaming when you are playing a game.

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  • NoNsToPxs 2 years ago

    wow the only thing I need to fix it was to run Shadowplay 😀

  • Gamer Joe90 2 years ago

    this video needs an update searching for it know doesnt exist twicht any more -.- hatze it why they put it out ?

  • Joachim Namyslo 2 years ago

    This video needs an update it is a top result in Google for geforce experience twitch but the video itself is not as current as the software actually is.

  • Gaf4s 2 years ago

    very nice vid dude! Helped alot ^^

  • Unorthoducks 2 years ago

    Do u know how to setup twich alerts with GeForce Experience?

  • Reizoko 2 years ago

    Thank you so much. Very clear and concise!

  • Philip Segelitz 2 years ago

    Thank you so much! That's what I needed:)

  • Ryan White 2 years ago

    Thanks! Awesome video, keep it up

  • MhGaming 2 years ago

    Do I need to do anything to have the option to login to twitch because I'm opening shadowplay and there is no option to login

  • Angel Guerra 2 years ago

    Thank you! Simple and to the point.

  • Jacob Nevin 2 years ago

    k so I logged in… now what whenever I do alt + f8 it shows a little green swirly circle down in the bottom right corner and doesn't start streaming

  • ochgottnochma 2 years ago

    Is there any way to get the Shadowplay stream directly into e.g. VLC or OBS? I just wanna record it for Youtube videos.

  • IntruderPL2 2 years ago

    Unfortunately it didn't work for me. I have a Twitch accound, typed in it's login and password and shadowplay says it's incorrect. All things and spelling, caps/no caps double checked. Still nothing.

  • Kalfax plays 2 years ago

    does this work with 980 ti?

  • Myles Emery 2 years ago

    that was not helpful in any way, I'm sorry.

  • FexXo 2 years ago

    lol all o these "doesnt work, doesnt help" comments are hilarious. he is just showing how to setup the presettings and how to login to your twitch account. if you are offline after starting the stream via shadowplay, you have to solve the problem on Twitch. Configure your TWITCH ACCOUNT right. and btw, he has shown it all very well, its just the available settings in shadowplay. And again, if theres a problem with your stream, its not a problem that can be solved by just logging in in shadowplay, you have to check your twitch profile LMFAO guys!

  • Destro7000 2 years ago

    What happens after?

  • GamingHeavy Duty 2 years ago

    for the people with problems. being offline and stuff. link your geforce / shadow play. to your twitch. and if it still does not work.> update/ reinstall the geforce experience that worked for me 😉

  • wk8612 2 years ago

    doesn't work. doesn't help

  • ByaGamer 2 years ago

    People keep in mind that recording with shadowplay requires you to have the game in fullscreen mode. i'm not sure, but its possible you'll have to have the game in fullscreen to stream as well.

  • Rasmus Bojesen 2 years ago

    Yo why cant i write my username when i try to long into twitch?

  • Ernesto Epsilon 2 years ago

    Cheers, helped for me straight away.

  • Baltuc 2 years ago

    shadowplay dont record sound

  • JorgitoYokiro 2 years ago


  • wakar 2 years ago

    Thanks bro i hope it will work

  • Yan LePain 2 years ago

    thank you a lot

  • ZehKiwi 2 years ago

    guys, if its not working for you, check if you are pressing the start transmission's button when u are already in game. Only work when your game is already opened

  • Joe Skaric 2 years ago

    For me it say Live now but I cant see anything…help please!

  • Fami I and the other guys 2 years ago

    why should somebody dislike this ?? i searched how to stream with shadowplay and i got an answer
    i liked it ty

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