How to Stream On YouTube or Twitch using OBS Studio (Complete 2019 Guide)

How to Stream on YouTube, Twitch or other platforms using OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software), while reducing stuttering, dropped frames and lag and ensuring the best performance on your system.

This guide will help you setup your stream!

More information about how much bitrate you should use:

OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software):


StreamLabs: (You can also download StreamLabs OBS)

Leave a comment if you have any questions.

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  • Monkeystyle _YT 2 years ago

    When I go to download ids studio it will not download

  • Malcolm Liston 2 years ago

    I can’t move my face cam I don’t know why

  • sam shahverdi 2 years ago

    mine is not showing anything

  • Dynamit 2 years ago

    When i try to capture screen i ahve only 1600×900 option and when i click it nothing happens i can see nothing, help please

  • IIIMochiixxIII 2 years ago

    Stitch is that you?

  • Luka Liss 2 years ago

    wheres the dashboard in yt

  • Tode Bautista 2 years ago

    Thank You So much please check out my channdl

  • Golden Llama 2 years ago

    i want to stream a game do i have to choose microsoftexe or microsoftcpexe

  • hollow kage 2 years ago

    outdated need help with this set up 🙁

  • Jourdan Brothern 2 years ago

    My mouth smells like baloney

  • Matthew .H. 2 years ago

    How dod you get Desktop audio????

  • HolyTrinityDevonport 2 years ago

    Hi there, as you know in Youtube there is a Live Control Room. Do I need to go to Control Room every time I start a live stream from OBS? (i.e. copy settings from previous stream, set up a schedule, preview and click Live) or can I simply start live stream from OBS and it's immediately available on my channel? I have done streaming direct from OBS (skipping control room set up) but sometimes it doesn't go live .. so not sure if I must do the Control Room set up every time? What is your experience with this? thanks.

  • AL3X 2 years ago

    It's verry nice to see, that somone on this planet uses the i5 6600 (me includet)

  • Lord_greek_king 2 years ago

    Stream doesn't show up help

  • Daniel Lewis Aberdein 2 years ago

    can anyone help me

  • Gabo Partolin 2 years ago

    Its really fast fuckkyouuu but helpful thankyou

  • Corsair Carl 2 years ago

    Is it possible to stream with one monitor without having to bring up the OBS? I wanna talk to chat but I don't wanna risk gameplay and everything

  • Psycko Banan 2 years ago


  • BlackNinja 2 years ago

    the problem is its forcing me to make a page in facebook and when I create a page it still not works

  • Minecraft Gamer 2 years ago

    my screen is still BLACK
    this doesn't help me

  • Shmadeen_ 2 years ago

    where do you find your streaming key?

  • ooONEoo 2 years ago

    Can u go faster..

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