How to Stream on Twitch – Streamlabs OBS Tutorial and Setup

How to stream on twitch in 2020 / 2019. Best settings for Streamlabs OBS tutorial and setup. In this video I show you how to use stream labs to live stream on Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, or Facebook. How to set up alerts, followers, donations. Even scenes like starting soon, be right back.


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In this video I teach you how to stream to Twitch.TV for FREE in 2020/2019! This has been UPDATED as of 10/20/19 guide for complete beginners on how to stream to Twitch using Streamlabs OBS. I used Streamlabs OBS or SLOBS for short, to show you how to add alerts, game capture, and even webcam / camera capture. Many people are wondering how to stream like Ninja, Tfue, and Shroud, so you should be able to follow along and start streaming. We go over the main settings you will need to mess with to get your stream set the right way to start today.

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  • RyTech Gaming 7 months ago

    Guys I would love to know, who are your favorite streamers?

  • Golden Abadix 7 months ago

    my fav streamer is TommyInit

  • EXPC TEAM 7 months ago

    my fav streamer is pulse fire

  • Eli Beardmore 7 months ago

    mine is nightmare_37_69

  • BAD OWL STUDIO'S 7 months ago

    Guessing the streamlabs doesn't work for the Xbox because the only thing I can do is game capture my PC instead of game capturing the Xbox

  • Pollo 7 months ago

    This video was amazing. I was looking for something like this because I plan on streaming on pc for the first time tomorrow and this was perfect!

  • Carson Brown 7 months ago

    Super helpful man!! Thank you

  • DeadGamerGirl 7 months ago

    Thank you now I can stream ever other guide was confusing thank you. Yours was easy to understand

  • Porcelain Demons 7 months ago

    NorskePride hes pretty new but hes a good gamer hes a Twitch streamer

  • Cent_Lxves games 7 months ago

    my fav streamer is pokimane tfue and ninja

  • Dexterity 7 months ago

    How do I make it so I can see what the streamers see while I'm playing? I can't see my alerts when I'm playing and I want to fix that.

  • CILLY 7 months ago

    i dont have any of those settings under the general tab haha.

  • Justin Ferrullo 7 months ago

    great guide, thank you for making!

  • Mikas Pikas 7 months ago

    Guys, if you are on loptop, dont reset the settings, you have see black screen, if yuo already reseted them, clear OBS cache.

  • Lolzie 7 months ago

    i connected to youtube now i want to connect to twitch and i cant

  • HimzSawC 7 months ago

    Appreciate it man. Huge help.

  • Tropiix 7 months ago

    Where did u get those led strips?

  • SoulYT 7 months ago

    i did the speed test thing and it said 900 foe both so…..

  • Omar Darwish 7 months ago

    thank u sooo much i subscribed and liked

  • x2skyhello 7 months ago


  • San Antonio Empowerment Council 7 months ago

    great tutorial man!

  • Justin Smilo 7 months ago

    My mans is suggesting that everyone has 1 MEGABITE and 80 slow

  • Sophie 7 months ago

    If I only have one monitor , how do I check my chats and alerts if i'm playing on my xbox?

  • Eskii 7 months ago

    Whats are the name of the LED lights in the background?

  • RediculousRunner 7 months ago


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