How to STREAM ON TWITCH – Live Streaming Beginner's Guide

It’s time to start your live streaming journey with confidence! Learn all the basics you need to get started on Twitch!


0:00 Introduction to Live Streaming
0:59 Create Your Twitch Account
1:49 Download OBS Studio
2:39 Connect Twitch to OBS Studio
3:15 Basic OBS Studio Setup
4:30 Add Your Desktop Audio Feed
5:30 Add Your Microphone
6:25 Add Video Sources to Your Scenes
8:52 Start Streaming!

Music: Stream Beats

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Nerd or Die is dedicated to providing the best resources for content creators. With our howto series you’ll learn everything you need to become a content creator.

Getting into live streaming on Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, or Facebook is the easiest it’s ever been. So if you want to learn how, our tutorial series will get you set up in no time.

In this video you’ll find simple steps to start streaming in OBS Studio, the most popular streaming software.



  • Laura_Leïla Aman 1 year ago

    Can you also stream on Twitch but plaing on the phone?

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    how do I start a stream on twitch?

  • Nico Diago 1 year ago

    TYSM man I really wanted to try out streaming and this really helped me!

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  • Ashie_kawaii_123 1 year ago

    when im on the OBS app i cant play but can see chat etc. but i can only play when im on minecraft. does the chat show up on my minecraft screen or should i be able to play minecraft on the obs app?

  • Suzie Bot 1 year ago

    this helped out a lot ^^

  • YUSUF Gaming 1 year ago

    this is the best tutorial I have ever seen!!

  • Milky 1 year ago

    Does this programme work for ps4?

  • Serenity Dove 1 year ago

    When you follow the tips and your screen is still black 😭 help me

  • Jack.Sandlin 1 year ago

    I did all of this and for some reason I still can't manage to stream just my game so I have to do the entire screen. Any suggestions?

  • Quin Seepersad 1 year ago

    I generally appreciated this video and I am grateful you made it simple and easy to understand.

  • Zerlock Promise 1 year ago

    im so stupid i literally exit the stream information and stream chat how do i get them back can anyone help me

  • LureWurx LLC. 1 year ago

    thanks. gonna try to run it now

  • Arex 1 year ago

    666 like and 6 dislike?

  • monoxhu 1 year ago

    did i just get a virus handout software coming from that first website because it asked me to download 479 different files because i have a windows 7, (apparently it’s easier to use for work than windows 10 so that’s how it was kept before it was given to me)

  • טל 1 year ago

    Rocket league

  • Joachim Banez 1 year ago

    does it take space on your pc when you go live?

  • Artun 1 year ago

    please can you help me

  • Artun 1 year ago

    im opening the stream like you showed but when i go to twitch and look i am not streaming it says offline but i am online

  • Boshi Jackson 1 year ago

    what do i do it i dont have the twitch info on my screen

  • br0omst1ck 1 year ago

    I followed al the instructions why did nothing work 😔

  • KittiBerri :] 1 year ago

    Is there a way I can test the stream? By that, I mean start the stream and see how everything is displayed but not have it be open to viewers.

  • Michelle Delgado 1 year ago


  • MASON KING - STUDENT 1 year ago

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  • the emerald minecart 1 year ago

    my game isnt showing up whenever i try and use game capture why?

  • stanley cheow 1 year ago

    my screens still black after i pressed game capture and when i launch a game in fullscreen its still black

  • Larpy 1 year ago

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  • Vaydens Pad 1 year ago

    This so simple common sense approach is just what I was looking for. Liked and subscibed.

  • David Kirkland 1 year ago

    Very useful guide, thank you

  • Phoenix Alexander 1 year ago

    i wanna stream Minecraft bud for some reason it wont let me

  • Young 1 year ago

    Thanks for the upload, keep up the good work!! You need more views! Have you heard of SMZeus . c o m??? Use it to promote your videos, it will help you grow your channel.

  • Jaeda Shrewsberry 1 year ago

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    Thanks for the video! Definitely made this process feel less overwhelming! My only question is… which capture card are you using? It’s really the last purchase I need and I’m confused about one thing… wouldn’t I need a capture card to have two inputs (1 camera and 2 gaming device)? Or am I connecting my camera directly to my pc? Thanks in advance!

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  • wayne stafford 1 year ago

    I know how to stream just my mic setup with my hyperx cloud i can't get it right

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    Thanks for the tips, friend. I've been wanting to try out streaming, and just now getting around to setting it up. Looking forward to more videos on this topic.

  • BBelleGames 1 year ago

    Great tips!! Can't wait to see more tutorials 😀

  • umar khan 1 year ago

    What do you use to screen record and for editing?

  • Robert Burwood 1 year ago

    My early experience with OBS compared to StreamYard is the challenge of adding wireless cameras (ie smartphone) or a webcam/stream from a networked computer/user. Like adding a guest in StreamYard or Zoom for example.

  • KOMOSKY 1 year ago

    This weird Microsoft Sam Artificial Robot sounding voice is creeping me out, such weird pauses in the middle of sentences and between words

  • Defrag 1 year ago

    o/ !

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