How to Stream from PS4 to & My First Gameplay Commentary Video

Playstation 4 streaming directly to Twitch is a thing, and we’ll be showing you how easy it is to do.

Normally the stuff we do tutorials for on this channel is like… difficult in some way, but in this case I made a deal with Twitch to have them get me one because I really really needed a PS4 to make this video:

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Intro Screen Music Credit: Adhesive Wombat – Check out his channel here:

Outtro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High



  • eltorolocosz mw 11 months ago

    Is there away to get the on air off your screen ??

  • Kyleen Delparte 11 months ago

    My live streams don’t display comments even though I had it set on the ps4 how do I fix it??

  • BackTrackMask 11 months ago

    why can't I see my live stream on the website when I'm broadcasting?

  • Knightof TheWolf_ 11 months ago

    Do you know how I can fix not sufficient to broadcast gameplay Its not showing gameplay when I stream

  • Rory_Emery 11 months ago

    Why does mine say preparing?

  • Fam 3 11 months ago

    What if the stream never starts

  • ChrisPrimeX 11 months ago

    Your fuckin voice is annoyinf

  • mikey 11 months ago

    ok I need help when I start streaming it says preparing the hole time I am trying to stream please help

  • IToke 247 11 months ago

    Everytime i try brodcasting it would say preparing and have the red dot on? Can you help me?

  • B&N fortnite 11 months ago

    So what do u have to do for it to work if u stream from twitch on the playstation will it show that ur streaming on ur account on a different device like a smartphone

  • Robyn Hayden 11 months ago

    So when I broadcast from PS4 it isn't being recorded and can't be viewed on playback?

  • Greian 11 months ago

    I will subscribe to your channel.
    You said it now do it NOw!

  • Kate F 11 months ago

    Mine shows a message under my avatar and it's telling me how to end broadcast. How do I get rid of that crap

  • Megat Imran Ikram 11 months ago

    Linus, by recording, did you mean we have to use it if we want to post our broadcast on YouTube?

  • Holly Lacsher 11 months ago

    What game does he play in the beginning

  • ITZ RAGY 11 months ago

    Thank u

  • NBA Live 11 months ago

    Can you stream without PS Plus ?

  • HyperNova 11 months ago

    How much worse will gameplay get

  • thijs ie 11 months ago


  • Ledarius Davis 11 months ago

    thx for tips really helpful man 🙂

  • Johnny Ram3n33 11 months ago

    Menu setup has changed. How do I do it with the new design?

  • Wolf Q8 11 months ago

    bungie made a streamer support on there website also if you stream for 77 hours you can get cool emblem

  • Dmitri Capatina 11 months ago

    Can you get donations

  • David 11 months ago

    do i need to have a playstation camera or can it be a webcam from home or something ?

  • stephen moulton 11 months ago

    add Stephenjrmoulton84

  • Amber Olson 11 months ago

    how long can the video be?

  • Austin&Vicky Moore 11 months ago

    well… that was easier then I was expecting… lol

  • Edward Gjersøe 11 months ago


  • Shanon Florentina 11 months ago

    can you please find a way to play music when you live stream ?

  • Bobo Legend 11 months ago

    thanks you so much !

  • Kitanai Ningen 11 months ago

    I tried to stream but when i checked out the video on twitch it showed it but the video would not play and it was all black and it didn't show in my recent broadcasts any clue?

  • OneShotHyperrr 11 months ago

    what u click to open up the menu where it says broadcast gameplay

  • Recker 11 months ago


  • Gray Jackel 11 months ago

    lynus have you ever hear of Egato?

  • Gray Jackel 11 months ago

    lynus have you ever hear of Egato?

  • Shawn Dawson 11 months ago

    You see where there is a comment box, my comment box says "cannot connect to server is there any way to fix this issue???

  • John Kendrick 11 months ago

    i was streaming yesterday but now i cant find anything that i did while streaming did i miss something

  • BryanXpownZ 11 months ago

    I use twitch too but i can't save my video's how can i do that i have really no idea?

  • Bavex01XPro 11 months ago

    IIt says i dont have permission to do it with the sub accounts but the master account allows everything for me and it says i have access to streams but it still doesnt let me start them wtf

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