How To Start A Twitch Stream With Twitch Studio – Setup Tutorial

How to stream to Twitch using Twitch Studio? In this tutorial, I show you how to download, install, and start streaming to Twitch with Twitch Studio. Starting a Twitch stream is very easy and can be done in less than 10 minutes. Twitch Studio is a NEW and FREE all-encompassing streaming software that Twitch has developed and just released in beta to the general public. Please leave a comment if you have any questions while starting your first Twitch live stream.

Twitch Studio is geared toward making your streaming experience safer, easier, and all-encompassing.

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Note: Twitch Studio is currently only available for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 users. If you have a Mac, Linux, or other device that doesn’t have Windows, please check out the below tutorial to start a Twitch stream:
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How to download and setup Twitch Studio:
1. Go to:
2. Select Download Now and save the file.
3. Once the download is complete, select install. Once installation is complete, the Twitch Studio app will open.
4. Log in to your Twitch account and select Continue.
5. Select Get Started.
6. Microphone: the app should automatically find your microphone. There are several sound settings (volume levels, remove background noise, or remove quiet noises) under Personalize. Select Done when you are finished adjusting the settings.
7. Webcam: find and select your webcam from the drop-down options and select a filter (optional). Once you are happy with the webcam look, select Continue to Layouts.
8. Layout: there are 3 pre-configured layouts. Main is great for streaming games. Be Right Back is good if you are in the middle of a stream and need to take a break. Downtime is a perfect multi-purpose layout.
9. Settings: these are automatic, but can be edited if necessary (including resolution). Select Continue to App. You are now on the Stream Setup page.

Twitch Studio App Overview:
• Main Screen Share: located in the top-left of the app. Select Select a Game to indicate what on your screen you would like to display on your stream. Select Next to edit the Title, Go Live Notification, Category, Tags, and Stream Language. Select Done when you are finished.
•Layout: right-click a layout to give it a name and to edit it. You can add alerts, background color, webcam, game capture, images, text, and a website.
•Alert: within a layout, you can add an Alert. These can be altered for Duration, Background, Type (follow, host, raid, subscription, and cheer), Border, Chrome Key, and Color Filter.
•Streamlabs: you can add your Streamlabs chat, tip jar, alerts, etc. through Embed a Webpage under Layers and within Layout.
•Activity Feed: cheers, followers, etc. Repeat alerts by hitting the play button. Edit by selecting the three dots.
•My Chat: example of your chat room on Twitch.

To Start / End a Stream using Twitch Studio:
1. Once your stream looks the way you want it to, select the arrow beside Setup Stream and then select Start Stream Now (you can also record a video if you would like to view your stream setup before you go live). If you go to your Twitch channel, you should be streaming.
2. To end a stream, select End Stream and then Confirm. When you return to your Twitch channel, the stream should have ended.

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  • Pushpa Patil 2 years ago

    How do we display chats to our viewers by twitch studio

  • racheal crecy 2 years ago

    How do you save your recordings/stream?

  • ben david 2 years ago

    Are there some games that cannot be streamed using Twitch Studio, like Shadow of War?

  • Eric 2 years ago

    does anyone have trouble with the integrated camera actually displaying what it's capturing.
    it says that it's there, but it just shows up as a black screen for me.
    i'm on windows 10 on an hp laptop

    please help if possible,
    Thank you

    -Aspiring Streamer

  • Alan Zukic 2 years ago

    When I press the record button, it starts working for one second and then stops. Is there something that I need to do in settings?

  • Sassy Assassin 2 years ago

    Hey my mic audio echoes and can be heard in my stream I use a mic headset. How do I fix the mic echo?

  • Raspedi Onizuka 2 years ago

    can anybody tell me how to delay the stream with twitch studio 🙁

  • Bryson Catmull 2 years ago

    how do i add discord noise to my stream?

  • Storm Trooper 2 years ago

    Lit Tutorial, already getting a pro feeling
    Subscribing You 👌

  • Derrin Eckelmann 2 years ago

    So how much would I have to spend on a computer or laptop ? Also what specs are minimum for the computer to run twitch?

  • iRedRuMuRdeRu 2 years ago

    Right at the top of the capture options it has some about administrator install something. What is that? I watched a few videos on this Twitch Studio but no one has this like I do.

  • Andre Te 2 years ago

    I tried using twitch studio, but sometimes if I select a game, its not shown in my stream, its still showing the main layer and if I click on the layer nothing happens. its weird. any idea what causes it ?

  • Charlie james 2 years ago

    my game sound is not coming through on my stream 🙁 does anyone know how to fix this?

  • Kyle Knox 2 years ago

    I'm blue dabadee daba diieee uh dabadee daba dieee

  • SuperM_YL 2 years ago

    I am using twitch studio to stream, but I am stuck with the normal twitch thing and can't go to my monitor.

  • BLuv's Reviews 2 years ago

    I have everything set up but when I start playing my game, I have no game sound?

  • Alexa Andree 2 years ago

    🤔😬What If I don't want to use the camera at all..But my light next pc camera started to flash at the end of those settings even If I did not pressed to go live,why..cause' I didn't choose a camera..and how can I record just the sound from my pc.?Help, Please 🙏🏻 Cause' I need to get used to it before showing myself .

  • LucyBoo22 2 years ago

    you help me more then anyone on this thanks

  • Jenny Drye 2 years ago

    Thank you!

  • AbyssalOrca 2 years ago

    for some reason I pick window and it won't pick up the game, same for application. only screen record works, but i do not wish to show my desktop.

  • Nando 2 years ago

    idk how to allow my friends audio from discord on stream.. help

  • Precise 2 years ago

    hey, i have a question about hitfilms. can you please follow me back on twitter so i can dm you. @Preciseraye

  • iWill 2 years ago

    What if it doesn't open and just says "validating files & loading" then closes?

  • mucks 2 years ago

    It did not ask me for any 2fac authentication … I would have passed on that!

  • 4 Juancho 2 years ago

    You can stream and recording the stream at the same time like obs?

  • LogicVibesYT 2 years ago

    Not sure how I feel about this having custom overlays and having to use there own i think ill be sticking to streamlabs for a while longer.

  • Terran 2 years ago

    Nice hopefully this works with SW:Kotor cause obs doesn’t work with it…

  • Ace Hardy 2 years ago


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