How to start a squad stream on Twitch in 2020

How to start a squad stream with the new Dashboard on Twitch.

Remember: You cannot start or join a squad stream unless you are a Twitch partner. Twitch has stated they are adding Squad streaming for everyone soon. As of February 2020, it is only for partners.

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  • Dimples R Us 9 months ago

    I didn't see "start squad stream" 🙁

  • Lauren Zepkowski 9 months ago

    Can you squad stream on mobile?

  • THEcoolGAMER60 9 months ago

    You have to be partnered to squad stream… another reason why I HATE twitch

    Good video though, quick and straight to the point 😀

  • XeronicZeal 9 months ago

    short and simple i like it not a partner though

  • Ayub Arsala 9 months ago

    makes no sense that u have to be a partner

  • Mr_Sin 9 months ago

    I look this up and the video on top was Benda …awsome #teamB42

  • Jacobreed1081 9 months ago

    Is it still this way were only partners can do it?

  • El pan kawaii 9 months ago

    how can I join your team? TEAM B42

  • YobaniWaifu 9 months ago

    I think more people would become partners much faster if us affiliates and the non affiliates were allowed to squad stream

  • Zelofi 9 months ago

    do you both have to be affiliated or is it just one

  • Hounds Clothes Official 9 months ago

    If im affiliated am I a partner?

  • Hannah Viera 9 months ago

    I know picarto used to squad stream. I wonder if it's too late to switch.

  • Dennis Hausen 9 months ago

    Thanks for the quick guide but for soem reason I can't find the quick action in my settings? Would it only work after xxx amount of subscribers for your channel?

  • Quinomenon 9 months ago

    its annoying you have to be a partner

  • Anne Pepper 9 months ago

    is there any way to still play together? (can i integrate another stream cam or cam from another pc or can i somehow integrate another persons voice without severe time delays or discrepancies between stream and chat?)

  • Shemp Howard 9 months ago

    thanks benda!

  • Strikeagle98 9 months ago

    This new Dashboard is hot trash man. Btw, nice video!

  • Mads Roccato 9 months ago

    Bruh moment

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