How to Setup Nightbot for a Twitch channel (Tutorial & custom commands)

A tutorial on How to setup Nightbot for a Twitch channel for beginners, and how to add commands like !uptime, or counters, etc…

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  • TST_ katet 1 year ago

    I started with twitch streaming yesterday and some of my new viewers told me that if I put nightbot in, it would be much better… And this was very helpful !! Thanks mate 🙂

  • Stay Classy 1 year ago

    Great video, it helped me out a lot! Thank you!

  • ThaBoiJP 1 year ago

    Could y’all follow my twitch flexxin_jp I’ll follow back and on YouTube ThaBoiJP

  • MiStic Jinx 1 year ago

    I add the bot to my channel and I give it mod and it still the commands don't work

  • Kyle B 1 year ago

    hey man! just wanna say thanks for this video! Helped alot homie!!!

  • Mk T 1 year ago

    You helped me so much thank you

  • Rawan Al hakeem 1 year ago

    thanks bro^_^

  • Fintini Penini 1 year ago

    I dont know if you'll see this but is the music on nightbot copyright free?

  • Hercules 1 year ago

    Thanks a lot man❤🙏🏽

  • MrMashalla 1 year ago

    This was a great tutorial! Thank you so much!!

  • Qurxak 1 year ago

    Thanks bro this was helpful

  • Grunge 1 year ago

    left a like, big thank you bro! <3

  • Reactions To The Classics 1 year ago

    Great video, thanks so much for the help!

  • Kevin Wilson 1 year ago

    thank you so much, just switched to pc and trying to figure everything out on my own was very stressful.

  • Orlondra Queen 1 year ago

    Thank you this helped me a lot

  • Day lu 1 year ago

    nightbot isnt working and wont join my channel

  • vidgamer 1 year ago

    i liked and subbed this was so helpful I'm going to start streaming 🙂

  • Game- Nerd 1 year ago

    Just starting streaming on Twitch!!!
    Pleaseeeee go follow me @ –
    Thank you all much love❤🧡💛💚💙

  • Yourgirlvivi 1 year ago

    thank you for your help!

  • BadK9PR 1 year ago

    I would like to add a welcome message to new followers, so when someone follow me they get a auto welcome messages any idea how?

  • Mark jayzee Hernandez 1 year ago

    Can you teach me please …done subscribe full package thumbs up like ring bell all.

  • KAOS GAMING 1 year ago

    Can I do this on my note 9 browser? Or do I need to dust off the lap top and do it with it

  • Krusty Krew 1 year ago

    NightBot is literally a free viewer as well.

  • Mr Read 1 year ago

    hi i was wondering will this work if i stream from stream labs obs i have set it up in twitch but i use obs

  • SLATTMANIA 1 year ago

    I did exactly what you said, how come when I type in !donate , nothing pops up? I made sure the night bod was a mod

  • Italian Lawyer 1 year ago

    Dure, every video you make is so damn useful! Keep up the great work

  • Jeremy King 1 year ago

    thank u SO much!!!! NOW I HAVE NIGHTBOT IN MY CHANNEL!!! 🙂

  • jason Van Der Reest 1 year ago

    your videos are awesome dude keep them up you have helped me like crazy ..just one quick question..and yes i tried searchin but im not sure if im askin google the right question …lol i was wondering if there is a way NIGHTBOT can announce that a clan mate has entered the chat and give them a special greeting

  • Dane Woods 1 year ago

    or it will blow up i dont know why i laughed at that

  • Jolijn Holtkamp 1 year ago

    Whenever I type in a command in my chat, the nightbot with response shows with a bright red background. In your video it is transparant. Any idea how I can change this?

  • R3Mozzie 1 year ago

    Nah man thank you for explaining every detail and not leaving me confused on what to do this helped alot thanks man 🤜🤛

  • hrvac79 1 year ago

    best video

  • Rene Gata 1 year ago

    Nice video

  • King 1 year ago

    What would you do for !Uptime in the stream?

  • EskimoBob Filmz 1 year ago

    How do I set the socials part so the links dont overlap each other?

  • Christa Flannery 1 year ago

    this was so helpfulllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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