How to setup audio for Twitch streaming

Today guys we are going over the steps to take when setting up that shiny new XLR microphone setup! In this video I go over the hardware and software used in getting your microphone going for your Twitch streams! This guide is meant to be for XLR microphones, but some of this can translate over to USB microphones as well in the software portion towards the end of the video! I made this to help all of you who are just picking up XLR mics for the first time!

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  • Chris Foster 1 year ago

    you can literally find a good audio interface for no more than 50 dollars if you're just going to be using it for streaming on twitch. i have a Behringer UMC2 interface that I paid 50 dollars for and I use it to record vocals, instruments, and stream. it's the same story for microphones. Behringer C1 condenser microphone. 60 bucks.

  • Leon Linstead 1 year ago

    my question is if i have a good quality sound blaster card with a headphone amp, if i go to purchase one of these interfaces for a standalone mic do you run your headphones of this aswell? or do you use both units the soundcard and headphone amp for the headphones and the interface just for the microphone?

  • 420 Scene 1 year ago

    By going into Sound Settings and making your interface your primary, it makes YouTube/Nightbot not work. It will work if your default speakers are your primary. Then you’ll be able to hook up your XLR mic.

  • Nick Doonan 1 year ago

    1. You don't NEED an XLR microphone. A good headset mic will work just fine provided you can tweak it using filters and stuff. I'm using a turtlebeach px22 headset and the mic is MORE than powerful enough to handle it.
    2. You can download (for free) VoiceMeeter Banana which does everything you're showing in this video virtually. All you need is any type of microphone and you can pretty much set this up without any wires needed.

    This is a great tutorial set up though for those that want to splash out on really expensive gear but it's not recommended for first time streamers just getting started. It's too OP imo.

  • HazeCake 1 year ago

    this video didnt answer any of the questions i had

  • NecroVoid 1 year ago

    literally just showed how to set up a microphone nobody is going to use instead of showing the actual mic youre using for the streaming -_-

  • Smiliy Games 1 year ago

    you audio is scuffed. It sound like you tried to remove too much background noise and ruined it.

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