How to Setup a Twitch/YouTube Stream-Box (Transcoding RTMP Server Tutorial)

Monaserver Download:
Monaserver Github:

Local Server IP Example: rtmp://
Make sure to replace the IP address in this URL with that of the client (your) Gaming PC.

FAQ and Known Issues:

– My Audio goes out of sync when streaming.

This is a always an issue when streaming anything over network, and there is two main problems that allow this to happen. The first it to make sure that all your audio settings are identical on the Client PC and the Stream PC. This means make sure that your audio sample rates are equal in the audio settings tab. Also, output audio bitrate shouldn’t matter in this case because your client PC will output a bitrate (let’s say 160kbps), your server PC will automatically detect this (through the RTMP stream) and then if you are re-encoding the audio (let’s say to 128kbps) it will just re-encode it, and shouldn’t cause any sync problems. The other known fix for this issue is to disable device timestamps on all devices. To do this click the cog next to your mic/aux and the Desktop audio inputs and go to properties, the you can uncheck “Use device TImestamps”. The problem that this creates if that some devices are using and sending timestamps, whilst others are not, and although each device doesn’t have its own audio track when streaming RTMP it surely still sends the information (or at least tries to).

– I’m getting “Max Audio Buffering Reached!” in my log file.

This is a documented issue that only seems to happen when sending the RTMP stream over network (as apposed to localhost stream). This issue will cause some serious audio desync and may even eventually cause your audio source to become unresponsive. There is no real known patch or fix for this because of the relatively low amount of times this occurs. One way of making this issue occur LESS FREQUENTLY is by going into your Advanced settings in your media source properties (on your stream PC) and setting an audio and video buffer size of around 5-10 frames (notice frames is different to the common buffer size of ms. you may need to do some calculations here), and also set the “Frame Dropping Level” to “None”. If I can find a permanent fix I will update this, for more information please read: and

– The local stream is not being picked up by my streaming PC!

This issue is sometimes caused by your firewall. Firstly make sure in your windows firewall that monaserver.exe is being allowed through the firewall. You can find countless tutorials on how to do this on Google.

– “Encoding overloaded! Consider turning down video settings or use a faster encoding preset”

This is a message telling you that you are overworking your CPU (or GPU) by trying to make it compress it more than it is capable of, resulting in it not being able to “turn over” at the same rate as the framerate. The first thing you should probably do it turn down your Encoder Preset in the Output settings tab. Most streamers recommend ultrafast, superfast and veryfast – ultrafast is not recommended unless you are using a high Video bitrate (highest is 3400-4500 on Twitch), but at a low video bitrate creates a lot of visual artifacting. superfast is the most used Encoder preset. It is usually the best balance, on most CPUs, between decent quality and CPU usage, this is recommended if you are streaming and playing games on the same CPU/PC. veryfast is what you should probably be using if you are utilizing your whole CPU to transcoding on a low to mid range CPU (above an i3 or AMD Phenom x4). If you are getting the message on veryfast or superfast you are probably trying to transcode on a CPU that is just not good enough for streaming. Try ultrafast. If you still get this message on a DECENT CPU then double check your video bitrate. It should be 1000-1750 for anything below 720@25fps, 2500 for 720@30fps, 3000 for 1080@30fps and 3500 for 720@60fps + 1080@60fps (because 3500kbps is the highest bitrate Twitch allows).



  • HeroPlayCraft 4 years ago

    my mona server no open help rsrs

  • Nightmare Games 4 years ago

    is there any ports that needs to be opened? my router works like that with ports and if they are not opened sometimes it fails with the Remote Desktop part.

  • BingeHD 4 years ago

    Can this method be used for mobile streaming?

  • Advokaten 4 years ago

    What's the simplest way to make this work MAC->Windows? I want the Mac to be playing the game and the Windows to act as the streaming machine.

  • Anime Freak 4 years ago

    how much les internet does this method use? i mean what do you think the minimum upload speed needed to upload to rtmp server?

  • Brett Adray 4 years ago

    Thanks this seems to work awesome on my Gaming pc I7-7700k @5ghz w/Evga 1070sc streaming pc is close to yours FX 8370@ 5ghz R9 270x 4GB. Do you think that on my streaming PC should I use x264 or the AMD ?

  • zooden 4 years ago

    Thanks I love you 🙂

  • Dr Dentalisator 4 years ago

    Thanks guy ! That's pretty cool but I'm searching a way to do the same with only one computer. Well, sorry for my bad english i'm french.
    Keep on ! Good video 🙂


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