How to Set Up a Professional Twitch Stream / My Streaming Setup

I now recommend SLOBS (StreamLabs OBS)► in place of OBS. It combines StreamLabs and OBS easily and is totally free!
OBS Estimator –

Twitch recommended spec –

My PC Specs –

Speedtest –

Overwatch Template/Overlay –

Twitch Bandwidth Tester –

Twitch Alerts (Now called Streamlabs) –

Twitch Labels –

Nightbot –

My stream –

Misc. Helpful Links: (for posting and finding questions)

0:00-2:57 Making sure you can stream
2:57-4:20 Open Broadcaster Software overview
4:20-4:35 NerdorDie Overwatch Overlay/Template
4:35-7:05 More OBS overview
7:05-7:32 OBS Settings
7:32-8:08 OBS Estimator
8:08-8:25 Avoiding dropped frames
8:25-9:19 Twitch Bandwidth Tester
9:19-12:21 More OBS Settings
12:21-13:16 Twitch Alerts
13:16-14:26 Stream Labels
14:26-15:26 Nightbot

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  • CooleoBrad 3 years ago

    2018 UPDATE – I now recommend SLOBS (StreamLabs OBS) ► in place of OBS. It combines StreamLabs and OBS easily and is totally free!

  • SuperDude88 3 years ago

    I went on speed test and found out my download is garbage, 20.05 mbps, but my upload is 65.94 mbps. Huh.
    Edit: my iPad says I have 80mbps download and 80mbps speed for upload too

  • Abrracadabara 3 years ago

    When you live in australia and third world countries have better internet than you. 😂😭

  • Darkrais Prodigy 3 years ago

    Hey Brad quick question but how can I add a theme to my widgets or my scenes when they don't show up through OBS as well as SLOBS. I also pre-downloaded other themes and they don't show up for me am i looking or doing something wrong?

  • meme machine 3 years ago

    upload speed 2.58 what do I do haha?

  • The Balearic Gardener 3 years ago

    good video 👍

  • Johnathan Seppala 3 years ago

    MB is megaBYTES Mb is megaBITS. When looking at internet speeds, they are always talking about megaBITS (i.e. 20 Mbps is 20 megabits per second). There are 8 megabits in one megabyte so that's a much different number. Just trying to help you out fam. Other than that, great video! It's definitely helping me out with setting up my own stream.

  • Renni 3 years ago

    You know he knows nothing about internet speed when he says megabites per second instead of megabits per second, huge difference, 1 megabite per second is equivalent to about 8 megabits per second so you meant to say 1/4 – 3/8 megabites per second or just 2-3 megabits per second.

    Not tryna make fun of the guy, just educating

  • SEANYMONEY -_- 3 years ago


  • CoIdar _ 3 years ago

    What do i need if i’m streaming off of console?

  • TOP 10 HINDI 3 years ago

    why you need second pc to see chat . cant you see chat on phone

  • WizardX 3 years ago

    Can I stream from Pentium G4560 & GTX 2050 Ti & 8GB RAM & 50MB/s Internet Connection?

  • WizardX 3 years ago

    I think streamlabs obs is simple

  • levi webb 3 years ago

    Wtf I only get 0.6 as my upload

  • MistressMord 3 years ago

    Hi, I just created a channel and am a female Dota player. If you can give me tips and help please do.

  • Zinqzz 3 years ago

    Thank you I always wondered what I should have open on my second monitor

  • VividFlash 3 years ago

    almost 500k views on video, only 3k channel views. ouch

  • EnemyOrb706 3 years ago

    well I'm in luck mine is 3 MB/s

  • FortniteAddicts 3 years ago

    Can I get the donate and follow bar without a webcam ? Also is there a fortnite one ?

  • Merckseys 3 years ago

    This is a very useful video. Thanks mate!

  • mc dougal wilson 3 years ago

    At 1:55 you were waving around a camera to film your setup and I noticed your OBS was picking it up.. How do i connect a camera like that? I want to use a webcam for my face when I stream but if Im working out or doing fitness I cant lug my computer into another room. What kind of camera were you using and can I extend its reach with extra long cables to be in another room? Thanks..

  • Shroud Play 3 years ago

    dude thanks a lot i watch this because i want to be a streamer someday but the problem is i dont have enough money to continue my dream but now I know the steps thank a lot😃

  • Awkwardgamer1 3 years ago

    Do you stream overwatch full screen or windowed full screen?

  • matthew charnoske 3 years ago

    why doesnt the stream labels from the chrome store work ?
    it just gets stuck on the "a login should appear shortly. Once it does, please login to coninue."

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