How to Play AD Twitch Jungle & CARRY S11 + Best Build/Runes | AD Twitch Jungle Guide Season 11

How to play AD Twitch Jungle & CARRY in Season 11+ Best Build/Runes S11
Twitch Jungle Guide Season 11 League of Legends
League of Legends Twitch Gameplay Guide Season 11
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  • KingStix 1 year ago

    Phantom Dancer giving 80% Attack speed for 2500g seams SUPER Busted, really enjoyed AD Twitch JG ^_^

    Come Chat n Chill Live!

  • Nihilist 1 year ago

    why is this guy saying kraken wrong?

  • Internet Savage 1 year ago

    krayken lets go my man

  • test xd 1 year ago

    If you say KRAYKEN one more time imma slap the shit out of you

  • Corvin Hemmer 1 year ago

    But that is like a B1 game on NA… Imagin playing twitch jg into Diamonds or Masters on EUW. Its not playable even when you are far ahead with 10k your dmg still sucks. Also u never go Blade after your mythic, Blade sucks on Twitch. Kraken doesn't give enough value, because in a Teamfight u will never get enough autos off to get us of it more than 2 times, a better mythic on Twitch is Galeforce. in low Elo its a pretty 1v9 jg Champ but in elos over Gold its pretty unplayable.

  • Julian Pagano 1 year ago

    Anyone else gonna say anthing about the "kraken" pronunciation?

  • SEMontages 1 year ago

    Kinda hard smurfing though

  • X _ 1 year ago


  • Raffie Seccombe 1 year ago

    Which key binding do you use for your autos? @kingstix

  • Rengow 1 year ago

    Dude whats the full biuld

  • pabirutis 1 year ago

    hey KingStix. love your channel. BUT pls can u turn off the sub sound of a girl getting cucked? im here for plays and your commentary. i dont want to think about a naked girl on me every time someone donates or subs… thank you for understanding

  • Roach 1 year ago


  • AskingAlexandria43 1 year ago

    I tried twitch jungle but im not very good at jungle so I got stomped by evelynn

  • Yung Plum Stick 1 year ago

    2:06 Did not expect that lmao

  • Daniel Hoang 1 year ago

    Do you think galeforce is any good? Been using it in lane and i feel that kraken slayer is a bit awkward during teamfights because it procs on minions if the enemy stands in a minionwave. In all fairness i see why you'd pick kraken but twitch hasn't really been a tankslayer. Awesome video tho

  • Linus Määttä 1 year ago

    its so cringe u are playing in this silver elo, damn thats tragic lmao. At least put a disclaimer of it, you are not ratirl

  • 003scorn 1 year ago

    Are we not gonna talk about how he sais kraken?

  • EzekielHateable 1 year ago

    Great video as always. Loved that Garren kill towards the end where you Ratling gunned him into oblivion.

  • Jordan LaForme 1 year ago

    that kray-ken tho**

  • David Sandridge 1 year ago


  • Superdude 1 year ago

    "Yasuo takes my red buff, what a rat." Says the literal rat.

  • Ryyou 1 year ago

    i feel like every single vid im watching from you you are getting the best leash of ur life 😂

  • Overshare 1 year ago

    Braum shield is low key the most op skill in the game

  • チャンベルク 1 year ago

    the fuck youre doing this in a normal game with a silver account xDDDDDDDDDDD
    you ahve some bronze scrubs in your games so boring

  • Thomas Resha 1 year ago

    Recently started watching a lot of kingstix, subbed and loving the content. One thing keeps getting me though, why the fuck cant he pronounce "kraken"? Is it an inside joke from twitch or something? Not gonna stop watching the vid but it is a minor annoyance.

  • MrYumzDaBadAzz 1 year ago

    Why’s KingStix so underrated dude, he explains everything so fucking well and has taught me how to jungle when I first started jungling. He just is so fucking fun to watch because I feel like even tho now I’m a decent player, I always learn soemthing from what he’s explaining

  • Spooky Graves 1 year ago

    kingstix could joinst DRUMLINE with those keyboard taps

  • Chris Hsu 1 year ago

    Kingstix!! Long time fan, been watching and learning from your videos for over a year now. Would you mind following this video up with a a S11 Galeforce graves? I heard DWG Canyon pioneered it and three dashes on an oppressive early game jg just sounds absolutely broken. Much love!

  • Justin Nguyen 1 year ago

    Can you play Volibear top lane. He's not that bad, pretty good in my opinion. That's it.

  • MrWhoCares 1 year ago

    Okay okay hear me out, skarner jg

  • Joshua Bueng 1 year ago

    im excited for the malphite Vid!!~

  • Orgil 1 year ago

    This is what happens when you watch a kingstix jungle guide on garen and play a game only to find papa stix himself wrecking your ass 😂

  • William Rojas 1 year ago

    Yea that thing amazon is doing to prices is jamming a foot in the door, normally undercutting competition at a loss, knowing they can tank the loses long enough to put the other guy out of business, then increase prices as they own more of the marketshare. Pretty messed up, they put a lot of honest value mom and pop shops or smaller honest companies out of business that way, then degrade the quality of their product, prevent other competition, and eventually increase the price on worse merchandise , screwing the consumer. Fun stuff.

  • MzTrRAMZ 1 year ago

    why do you not use the crime city skin, when in another video you said it gives you a tactical advantage

  • Javier Jaramillo 1 year ago

    Bro, love ur vids, is the reson why i play jg, greetings from México ! 😀

    PD. Could u do skarner next? :3

  • Jumasz 1 year ago

    I was wondering if you could do lee sin jg. Im a bit curious about your lee skills. If you do play it and you would like to make a video about it we would appreciate that.
    BE safe!

  • Danny Burgher 1 year ago

    Loving the Vids

  • Ri9ipon YT 1 year ago

    Try kayne plsss

  • Federico Celina 1 year ago

    Now I low key wanna try Tris with Phantom Dancer and Immortal Shieldbow…might turn into a massive machine gun

  • Garrett Eicher 1 year ago

    Sitx I love you man but it’s not Cray-Kin it’s Crackin’ Slayer 😂

  • Gazoobeats 1 year ago

    how the fuck did this guy pronounce kraken?

  • Rolandas Grigaitis 1 year ago

    It's pronounced kraken, not kraken.

  • Big Squeeto 1 year ago

    Can u do a kindred mid lethality build?

  • Joe 1 year ago


  • Reece Herman 1 year ago

    12:55 this man flashing to the other bush was so big brain. That's actually insane

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