How to Make Your Own Twitch Emotes – Twitch Tutorial

If you’re a Twitch Affiliate looking to brand yourself, emotes are an awesome way to do so, and they’re super easy to make!

Follow along for a guide on emote sizes and how to submit them through Twitch.

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  • Anabell Chang 2 years ago

    ok, so when i scale down my image becomes super blurry. is that normal??

  • Dominic dude 2 years ago

    if i could like mutipile times i would for 24 hours

  • Anton Gova 2 years ago


  • Morgan Garrett 2 years ago

    THIS WAS VERY HELPFUL! Thank you!!!

  • YlimeSmiles 2 years ago

    This was amazingly helpful! Thank you so much!

  • Michael Neel 2 years ago

    Man keep it up im new and this is what i needed to get started with little to no start up

  • Master Gynx 2 years ago

    Literally just made affiliate and needed to know how to make awesome emotes, can across this video and was perfect step by step! Thank you!

  • Joel Rodriguez 2 years ago

    After searching the intertet for a while, I've finally found the video! Thanks, bro. Really helpful!

  • Andy 2 years ago

    Great video straight to the point many thanks

  • Beki 2 years ago

    Please can you help me? I am affiliate and I dont have "setting" and "emoticons" in my browser like I cant upload anything I dont see this what you are showing…. plz help

  • calikristenxo 2 years ago

    How many emotes can you upload as an Affiliate?

  • Sam Gagne 2 years ago

    Needed to figure out how to get to the adding in emote part u a god

  • Brendon Gibson 2 years ago

    Did your emote get accepted? I have a problem and i saw on your video you did the same thing. The max size of the image cant exceed 25kb and your 112×112 was at 36.8kb or something close to it which is obviously above the 25kb requirement.

  • niels den hollander 2 years ago

    The twitch layout has changed, I can't find the emote tab😢

  • d0t 2 years ago

    it really help me thank u 😀

  • Ozzy 2 years ago

    As a new Twitch Affiliate, I wanted to make a funny first emoticon of Bob Saget's face! But… am I allowed? Do I need his permission to just use his face or do I need to edit the face so that something is originally from me? The current emote is pending but I don't want to violate any rules.

  • Kyle Culver 2 years ago

    All I needed was that last minute. lol. Twitch's UX is terrible for beginners navigating things like this… Thank you!!

  • Ge Ju 2 years ago

    Can anyone upload an emote? The emoticon option doesn't appear in my account

  • Jarrod Chaplin 2 years ago

    Thanks for the video! This is super helpful. We just made affiliate this week and we're trying to get our channel up to snuff.

  • Arturo Visions 2 years ago

    Are you online? Can you help me with mine?

  • 6OAST 2 years ago

    My issue is when I'm working with "Strokes" whenever I scale them down they seem to get distorted once I hit the 28×28. What's the best size for strokes in text when using emotes?

  • BiiP Gaming 2 years ago

    Adobe Photoshop costs money correct?

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