How to Make Twitch Emotes and Sub Badges for Free 2019 // Gimp Tutorial // No Photoshop!

In this video, I go through the step by step process and show you how to make twitch emotes and sub badges on Twitch for free!

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  • Ben Williams 6 months ago

    mine says it snot square shaped can anyone help

  • emanuel macedo 6 months ago

    It deserves 1milion views, TY SO MUCH!!!!!!!

  • ManOnTheMoon 6 months ago

    Thanks for the tutorial brother! I was going to have my friend make my emote for me but I decided to check out a video to see if I could do it myself and it was so much more satisfying making my own. Couldn't have done it without you.

  • Sabreena Graves 6 months ago

    This is an amazing video thank u

  • Elizabeth James 6 months ago

    Great video! I had no issue, and now you dont need to scale them 3 times only the 112!

  • SpasmicGamer 6 months ago

    Thank you very much.

  • Carson Quinnell 6 months ago

    You came in clutch man. Thanks!

  • Kanerr 6 months ago


  • LilMonsterPS 6 months ago

    u helped me sooo much. thnxxx

  • Gayle Flowers 6 months ago

    Im not seeing all the options on the left side

  • Kairo 6 months ago

    I cannot get my emotes to scale to the correct size and was wondering if I could get some help?

  • Erik Dries Jr. 6 months ago

    bruh…thank you!!!!

  • dot 6 months ago

    i dont have word so i cant compress the image is there sum else i could do?

  • Williamgrahamx 6 months ago

    when i scale it zooms in

  • im mini 6 months ago

    I out lined it and cut it out but it donโ€™t make a new layer can someone help

  • Tyler S 6 months ago

    I wish i could like this video again every time I come back and use it lol

  • Gingerwolf_84 6 months ago

    what if I don't have Microsoft word?

  • Adam Abdelhadi 6 months ago

    IM TRYING TO DO 72×72 but it automatically puts 78×72

  • Panda Tach 6 months ago

    Says image is not square shaped any ideas>

  • OiltrashTV 6 months ago

    I canโ€™t like it. It has 666 likes

  • Mike Jones 6 months ago

    Very nice video! I really like using Gimp just new to it and you did a great job explaining the basics of making an emote. Thanks bro!

  • ttv_spacechap 6 months ago

    awesome, super clear and helped me a tonne, nice job man! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • ravenclawrm 6 months ago

    This is the only video about gimp worth a damn

  • Richy Crainium 6 months ago

    Thanks bud

  • ImTotallySummer 6 months ago

    i dont have word on my mac ;/

  • James Devine 6 months ago

    Hey dude, it wont let me save as picture on word at all, i have 2007 edition

  • Williamgrahamx 6 months ago

    i have a crush on u for this now

  • Gelzaar 6 months ago

    This is awesome. Thank you so much for making this

  • ZombieKZ 6 months ago

    Where is the siccor button at lmao

  • Rodeeski 6 months ago

    it doesnt work anymore can you do an updated

  • Saroky 6 months ago

    Super helpful video :] Thanks

  • ImxFrosty 6 months ago

    i appreciate this video so much, thankyou

  • Brian Noneya 6 months ago

    for some reason i dont have microsoft word , gg fml

  • Rowdysub TTV 6 months ago

    Awesome video 100% best tutorial video i have found. I went along with you as you did it and worked exactly right! thank you!!

  • Lyqxx 6 months ago

    Why ist the Emote outline white. Can i change that?

  • Burkzzy 6 months ago

    what do you do if you dont have word

  • Jurassic Tark 6 months ago

    so my small emote pops up red ive gone thru step by step with your direction and it doesn't work I compress the pic and it says the same thing i really thought this was the video that was gonna help oh well thx anyway

  • Alfa HD 6 months ago

    Thank you for the help ๐Ÿ™‚

  • abanashi 6 months ago

    Here is an updated vid for 2020!

  • abanashi 6 months ago

    Hey everyone! Here is a new, faster way to make twitch/discord emotes for absolutely free:

    Much love!

  • DeeMan1991 6 months ago

    I'm so confused lol for a test emote for my twitch I wanna use a picture of a Thanos head from VR chat as a emote…lol

  • Angel Smith 6 months ago

    thank you for making this video!!!!! it helped me a lot

  • NPtyrone _ 6 months ago

    Hey bro thanks

  • Marcus Richardson 6 months ago

    had to subscribe because this video helped me save alot of money getting my sub badges made! Thank you so much my guy!

  • Javier Fulgencio 6 months ago

    hey man know its late but for some reason my box is still red and have tried anything… any suggestions?

  • Jimmy 6 months ago

    thank you for making this video! Hope you have a great fucking day buddy

  • abanashi 6 months ago

    Hello @everyone! Thanks for the support and stay tuned! I will be making a other video about another, quicker/easier method I discovered.

    Much love!

  • Authintix 6 months ago

    Is there any way else to compress the file if you don't have MS word?

  • NexuZ 6 months ago

    mine doesnt work it just keeps saying that it must be 72 x 72
    and i already scaled it twice

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