How to Make Facecam Overlay/Border for YouTube Videos/Twitch Stream! (2016)

Today I will be teaching you how you can make a facecam overlay in Photoshop CS6/CC! This is an easy tutorial to help you make a professional looking facecam border for your YouTube videos (commentaries) and Twitch live streams 🙂

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  • McHales recordings 9 months ago

    Where is the link

  • Justyn Renkoski 9 months ago

    You talk extremely fast. While your videos are helpful, it would be nice if you just slowed down on the speaking a little bit to help some of the people watching articulate what you're saying. Thank you for your help though.

  • D2monstakill a 9 months ago

    Do is it still work if you play on xbox

  • Kyle 9 months ago

    Bro as much as this was 2 years ago it is still dope thanks for the tips.

  • Josh Berg 9 months ago

    I downloaded your overlay and was wondering how to edit it or change it once I have it open. Thanks

  • Online Earning 9 months ago

    webcam overlay video are not good boot your video overlay is good so tell me your video overlay

  • The Real Dunno 9 months ago

    Could you make a overlay for me? 😀 i really like your style:D

  • CommanderEdy Hehe 9 months ago

    Steven what program do you use to record webcam?

  • Tijn sitsen 9 months ago

    Like Your vids so match!

  • Cadijatu Djalo 9 months ago

    Ur a boss at photo shop

  • Quan 9 months ago

    Awesome video, Love the intro btw 🙂

  • word 9 months ago

    You are the best youtuber

  • Oma Tutorials 9 months ago

    Can this comment get 100 likes for no reason?
    I think it can! :]

  • Steven Van 9 months ago

    500 likes for an UPDATED video 🙂

  • kenny 9 months ago

    the download didn't work for me, can you add a link to a png file of it?

  • Colten 9 months ago

    Yo whats ur skype im youtuber has well i have 18k almost

  • ItzCody 9 months ago

    omg u help out a lot an so do your videos im new at this

  • Its Fading 9 months ago

    i am really glad i found your channel, you help me out and help when going through a rough time on youtube. And i thinking of quiting and you stop me thanks you steven van

  • Khalid El Nur Mohammed 9 months ago

    great tutorial 🙂

  • Brandon Luis 9 months ago

    Your videos are amazing keep growing!

  • Not John 9 months ago

    can you please sub to me, im new to youtube, and youve tought me a lot, can you please sub, it would mean a lot to mee.

  • Dave HD 9 months ago

    Please come and check my youtube channel and give me some advice

  • Adir 9 months ago

    Great vid thanks =]

  • GeddesHD 9 months ago

    Beast video like always, keep up the good work!

  • xXStephenXxFIFA 9 months ago

    can you do something like this on android

  • Sloba 9 months ago

    Steven why dont you ask Freedom to verify you ?

  • swiftd0gg 9 months ago

    Can you do upload in camtasia in 1080p60

  • Mr. Nobody 9 months ago


  • Jeevan Singh 9 months ago


  • SimplyComplex 9 months ago

    Nice steven van

  • jiminy cripplet 9 months ago

    1) I make gaming videos
    2) I have 36 subscribers
    3) I want to collab with gaming you tubers
    4) you can contact me on Skype through this username justinnillasca25

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