HOW TO MAKE CUSTOM EMOTES [For Twitch, Youtube, Discord, etc.]

basically the tiny drawing challenge but over and over and they actually have to look super clean omg the stress

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  • Bastion 41 11 months ago

    Me: Hear Her Voice
    Also Me: Time To Sub And Hit The Bell

  • iiSxffxr 11 months ago

    u make me feel bad because im horrible at drawing- lmao on the verge of crying rn XP

  • Cowdy 11 months ago

    is it just me or i'm seeing Pog LavenderTowne

  • Refexie T Miles 11 months ago

    I have a question this is work on phone ✍🏻. i'm really broke

  • Slyith444 ! 11 months ago

    You are the fourth person I found for this everyone else's voice was annoying. Thanks angle voice

  • burgerpatty 11 months ago

    How do you make the emote details clear even with 56×56 size?

  • _*' Sobainu Haairatsuno Gankazawa '*_ 11 months ago

    Ahhh yes. The gay eye.

  • Cahrl Louize Loyloy 11 months ago

    What is the pixel size of the canvas for your drawings

  • Michael Nicholson 11 months ago

    What's the drawing software you use? I recently got a Huion drawing tablet but don't have a set drawing program yet

  • Galaxy melody 11 months ago

    I haven't watched u in forever

  • Medimedes 11 months ago

    lavender town theme intensifies

  • chimmary_has_anxiety 11 months ago

    anyone ever told you that you look like princess bubblegum? bc you and your emotes do and when i tell you my heart went yeEHAW- ily <3

  • Emcoolty 11 months ago

    What app do you use

  • Pqche 11 months ago

    What size did you use/resolution to get such sharp lines? I've been having trouble making discord emotes look sharp since Photoshop makes them all fuzzy…

  • Anime Sen 11 months ago


  • Gamebow Girl 11 months ago

    5:54 It looks like she selected the tears-

  • KeNnEdY Wilks 11 months ago


  • Asher Hydra 11 months ago

    😮 you make comics on tapas too me too 😀

  • Camillinha FPS 11 months ago

    Program name?

  • Suleyman10 11 months ago

    What is The Name for the App

  • Fallen 11 months ago

    what brushes are you using in photoshop D:

  • Cace Ideas 11 months ago

    Me: *sees thumbnail*

  • Headless Body 11 months ago

    How did I not notice that this video was from a year ago? For some reason I thought this was a very recent video.

  • Ava Kornegay 11 months ago

    w o w

  • Ayano Tyan 11 months ago

    In which application do you draw?

  • Striker Games 11 months ago

    This is a little suggestion, I notice you use a lot of pink and I know you’re doing it on purpose but I think if you use a few different colors like maybe change the shirt blue or or maybe put other colors part of the outline

  • Acrillix FN 11 months ago

    Where do you use emotes ?? (In YouTube)

  • ATS Gaming 11 months ago

    Time to make WeChat emotes

  • BreadQuin 11 months ago

    Me: * Just created emotes for a discord server *
    Youtube: I recommed this video to you!
    Me: what are you trying to say-

  • kwik ✨ 11 months ago

    how do I know if my image is under 256kb??

  • qwerty uiop 11 months ago


  • • X i m m i x • 11 months ago

    Eng subs: ”Hey everybody, it’s LavenderTowne”

    Auto generated subs: hey everybody it’s love in your town

  • CakeHeater 11 months ago

    I'm really late to the party, but I feel that in the crying emote, the line art shouldn't show underneath the tears. Like the tears shouldn't show anything underneath at all to make the emote read more clearly

  • V3r4 11 months ago


  • Flumey 2.0 11 months ago

    jumpscare warning 1:21

  • Cattu Doggu 11 months ago

    Tip is start to draw it very small! Not filling the small canvas, like as small as how big the emote usually shows up in screen when you use it. This is so you can see which details are needed to pop out more, then enlarge it out to fit the whole canvas then start drawing ✨

  • sugercookie 12 11 months ago

    What canvas size did you use

  • Im Ribbons 11 months ago

    Can you something like this but for profile pics? It could really help me 🙂

  • It's Sarxsly 11 months ago

    i did it wrong this whole time 🙁

  • tough.rough.potato 11 months ago

    “Only if you have extra money and all that”
    Me: having $192 and having no idea what to spend it on
    Me: hmmm I’ll think about this

  • hugo Emsn 11 months ago

  • Yuriinfo 11 months ago

    i know how to do it but im just watching it for some reason

  • Amethyst 11 months ago

    Wish I could join, but I don't have any money 🙁

  • User Not Found 11 months ago

    I realized you say uhh um and uhm a lot xD

  • AnimatedRamen 11 months ago

    me looking for someone who joined so i can see the icon

  • Empire of Fatal, Serious and Critical Errors 11 months ago

    What I don’t understand is why does EVERY YouTuber reserve custom emotes for members only? I don’t understand why this is and I have yet to find an answer to this mystery.

  • mxriiyy 11 months ago

    This helped me a lot! Thank you!

  • Jey.Mochi 11 months ago

    I’m confused. On discord I made my stickers and I make the background of my stick transparent but when I export it to my discord stickers the background of the stick just turns black. What do I do to make it fully transparent on discord?

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