How To Make A YouTube / Twitch Overlay In Photoshop! (Advanced Tutorial)

Today I’m going to be teaching you how to make a YouTube / Twitch overlay in Photoshop! This overlay tutorial is more advanced than my previous one but will teach you how to make a very clean overlay that looks amazing on YouTube and Twitch! Let me know if this Photoshop overlay tutorial helps you out! ALSO SORRY FOR SAYING “GO AHEAD” SO MANY TIMES RIP MY SPEAKING SKILLS LOL!

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  1. Wow this was super helpful thank you. I made my first full screen overlay first time using photoshop. I'll put a link to this video in my channel.

  2. Due to having trouble streaming from my MacBook Pro I've had to resort to using my Elgato rather than a streaming a software, which led me to using overlays & such else.
    Found this tutorial just a couple days ago, & I just tried everything you told us; thank you so much, everything worked perfectly.
    Also helped that I knew the corresponding hotkeys for Mac.
    For this you've earned a subscription.
    While you may have been too fast for others, you were the perfect speed for me getting straight to the points & I continued pausing it to make sure I had everything duplicated on your screen.
    So thank you again for this tutorial. Now I can make numerous overlays for my individual games, as well as fix my Twitch Alerts pics & gifs.

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