How To Make A Custom Stinger Transition For Your Twitch Stream | HitFilm Express

Learn how to make an AWESOME Motion Graphics stinger transition to use when changing scenes in OBS, or OBS.Live to enhance your gaming channels and Twitch streams!

Project file:

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  • jackOMG 4 months ago

    how do i skip frames?

  • JacTheRipper - 4 months ago

    pls help i am using the template but i want to change the "your logo here" text to an image and i cant seem to figure out how to change it to image 🙁 can anyone help me?

  • FrownicPlays 4 months ago

    How did u do the gray one with the delay

  • heat bros inc. 4 months ago

    cho look ugly
    clap man.

  • dvxrge 4 months ago

    what did you mean by the set matte? can someone help

  • blue xion 4 months ago

    how does one change the "your logo here" to a image?

  • FAZEFF00TTYT 4 months ago

    Hardest tutorial that I ever tried and at the beginning of the video he says "super simple". I dont know if it worked for other people but in my opinion it is SUPER hard

  • Daddy Delfy 4 months ago

    Great tutorial, but can anyone tell me how I can remove the watermark? It completely covers the transition with the message "made with the demo version of HitFilm Express" or something among those lines.

  • Jesster Li 4 months ago

    This tutorial was helpful, but I had issues when it came to duplicating. Every time I duplicate the layer it showed the same layer and any changes that were made on the duplicate layer, changed the original layer.

  • Alejandro Nieto 4 months ago

    Hey thanks for this tutorial! Is it possible to trigger a stinger without changing scenes? Useful when you are talking and want to have text pop up to emphasize something. Thanks for the answer!

  • Snowy Fox 4 months ago

    thank you so much! I have been trying really hard to make a transition like this

  • Infinity_OnYT 4 months ago

    One question u know when im exporting a clip why doesnt it show the clip
    It only shows a black screen when im playing the video

  • Swapnanil Sinha 4 months ago

    Hey, I'm not able to play the GoPro .mov video with alpha channel as a transition on OBS. The transition it crashing and cutting into my next scene. Is this an issue with my computer? I'm running Windows 10 Pro on a ThinkPad (I'm not able to play the video on vlc either)!

    Pls help!

  • Spenc9 4 months ago

    So I just did this by using the link in the description, everything worked fine, except it cut out the second wave of planes. It transitioned fine to my logo and then just ended and cut to the new screen I transitioned to, do you know what might be happening here? As well the transition seems to move a lot slower when I put it in streamlabs as compared to the preview in HitFilm

  • stryvic 4 months ago

    Somehow the Stinger is lagging in obs and in FXhome. Can someone help please?

  • GamerJames FM 4 months ago

    Thank you! I just about managed to follow that! Managed to make it too, will be using it from now on 👍

  • iamExotickz 4 months ago

    For the low poly triangles where do I get those. That part is messing me up…

  • Ashwin SWAMY 4 months ago

    SO GOOD!!!

  • Darkmega07 Gaming 4 months ago

    why is white theme hurt my eye

  • Ninekill3r 4 months ago

    how do I add this to my youtube videos using hitfilm express? Do I just drop it down in between 2 cuts?

  • Tank Lovv 4 months ago

    Hello, question… When i add my logo that does have a translousant background, as soon as i add the "Set Matte" effect, it makes my background black on my logo. Why, and how can I fix?

  • Rodcalpty 4 months ago


  • Nave The king 4 months ago

    loveeeee it so match thank you

  • lewangg 4 months ago

    Hey would anyone know why my stinger is fine in hitfilm but when I upload it to OBS it seems to only play in slow motion and not the full stinger??

  • Righty Bird 4 months ago

    Great Tutorial! At the end of the video they mention the "Masterclass Game On" but did not leave a link in the description. Do yourself a favor and don't try to find that on YouTube and go nuts in the process. Instead – google "FXHome Game On" and you will find the makers of HitFilm (FX Home) have a web page for this with the youtube videos linked on it. Hopefully FX Home / Hitfilm will fix this and add a valid link in the description of this video for future poor souls. 🙂

  • Frankondor 4 months ago

    Hey! Leaving this here in case anyone struggled with the same thing as me.
    I exported on GoPro CineForm plus Alpha type format and it wouldn't load properly because it was too big even though it was 50MB.

    This video here helped so you might wanna try it if you exported on a transparent format and put the transition point correctly, but it still seems to not work completely.

  • LCRGarnet 4 months ago

    When i add the Stinger transition to Obs it cuts out like the last half of the transition. Do you know why?

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