How to Live stream your games and camera on Twitch – Tutorial

In this Twitch tutorial we will teach you how to easily Livestream on Twitch ( stream to Twitch / stream on Twitch ), you will be able to stream your webcam camera and your desktop / games for free with a special software called OBS Studio, you will need to copy a special key code from the Twitch website into it and you will start streaming to Twitch in ease, This Twitch tutorial was made on Windows 10 – 2018 .

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  1. maybe just completely out of date cause these steps arent working for me in 2021 ,regardless of platform please remove and save some trees

  2. I've got an Xbox, kinect camera and a mobile phone. How do you get your camera to work? This video was zero help for me. It was working but I turned it off and now it won't allow me to turn it back on??

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