• JENNIFER AMANDIKWA 11 months ago

    Thank you for referring me to Mackey_toolz on Instagram.. He just helped me recover my account…..

  • Logan Davis 11 months ago

    I linked everything but all my stuff is gone

  • Zeedo Peedo 11 months ago

    It’s doesn’t let me it tells me to refresh

  • 4 11 months ago

    Can you link multiple platforms I tried this and it did not let me do it

  • Joe Jackson 11 months ago

    Contact @fasttracker22 on IG for your hacking services

  • Edge N.A 11 months ago


  • CheLios412 11 months ago

    This video didn't help

  • Avery Esquibias 11 months ago

    After I link it, then how do I actually play on the account that I linked. Someone please help me

  • gabriel iturbe 11 months ago

    This allow you to use the skins, guns and level from xbox in blizzard ?

  • igaoga !!! 11 months ago

    Du sprichst gut englisch 🤣

  • Shah Major 11 months ago

    Error for me linking i have one or more links????

  • Sean Ishibashi 11 months ago

    system error please try again?? help

  • Drk clipzZ 11 months ago

    Will you still have to pay for modern warfare after linking when u have to the already on PS4?

  • joris 187 11 months ago

    thx bro💪💪

  • Lazyllama 220 11 months ago

    mans said leave a comment and just dosent

  • Gamers Blade 11 months ago

    So I played warzone on PlayStation now I switched to pc and I can’t get my account plz help

  • Leigh Stevens 11 months ago

    Didnt work. Sez errorcode

  • CombatShark 11 months ago

    Is I link my steam acc wil my progress Delete?

  • ThatDancingChannel 11 months ago

    Right I have one massive question!! ANNOYING all my data on this Activision account is like back to fuckin lvl 44, to the start no operators. How do I switch to my other account on Activision and have all my operators back and all my progress

  • GhostlyCycle 11 months ago

    When i link my account it links but when i go into game my stuff dont load etc my esports packs or UDT ghost dont load

  • your bitch 11 months ago

    When I try to link to bnet it bugs out

  • KHALED 11 months ago

    I had the same proplem you have to unlink your new activision account to link the old one

    Sorry for the bad english

  • Jane Kennedy 11 months ago

    smeckhack on Instàgram recovered my PSN account

  • ttv bearstuffing1234_ 11 months ago

    when I try to link my acc from PlayStation to pc, I click on PlayStation to link the acc but it just stays on a still screen and doesn't move to the actual next page…

  • nozen 04 11 months ago

    i think this is a scamm

  • hamood 11 months ago

    I'm on xbox one and I tried to make a new account because I don't have one and I did the password right special characters and everything it needed and it keeps saying there was a problem with your activation account please try again error: 0

  • NotRehx 11 months ago

    When I do this do I get my multiplayer and stuff from when I played on Xbox?

  • NawMateYou 11 months ago

    Everyone still have the error code? I can't link my PS4 account…

  • MMN Legend 11 months ago

    I want to link my 2 accounts so I can get the cod points on both acccounts on ps4

  • BKR GHOST 11 months ago

    If I linked my blizzard account to a ps4 account and I didnt play the game on this email on ps4 will I gonna lose my progres on pc and start over ?

  • Vonte Ok 11 months ago

    If you buy the game on blizzard can you transfer over to Xbox

  • Pallez 11 months ago

    how can i play on my ps 4 account

  • Prashant Ghimire 11 months ago

    if I do this will my ranks for Xbox warzone transfer to my free to play warzone on PC?

  • Yung_iibz 11 months ago

    Can I link both my PlayStation account and Xbox account to the Same Activision account

  • La'marc Rex 11 months ago

    Thnks bro ur goated

  • *-Samiul-* 11 months ago

    All other accounts worked successfully but Youtube doesn’t work! Why?

  • Gloqyyy 11 months ago

    Will it add the in game purchases as well

  • WGZ 11 months ago

    ok if it crashes go on the top right and click your acc and it says account then when u click on that it will show u the links u can do
    hope this helps

  • Gyrophone 632 11 months ago

    Thank you so much
    Every other video is 10 mins long and confusing as hell

  • __ 11 months ago

    i wann aplay with my ps4 progress but when i limk my ps4 acc to activision i have to download game from blizard so it dosntr make sense so shouild i link link blizzard nas well?

  • MintyLagoon 11 months ago

    So if I link my PS4 warzone account to my pc will it work and have all my stuff on both platforms?

  • DNS Darknesss 11 months ago

    If i play on Xbox can i play on the same account but on pc?

  • Mr.pinkgod 11 months ago

    I can’t link xbox

  • Bam Bam 11 months ago

    Sign in Via your PS4 account on ACTIVATION and LINK your BLIZZARD account! its the only way it worked for me!

  • SHoE Berci 11 months ago

    Doesn’t accept any last name and first name

  • Jayysofresh718 11 months ago

    It doesn’t work for me . It tells me lost sever every time I link psn !!! Help!!

  • Xavierwtff 11 months ago

    Doing this for the blood stream

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