How to Host and Unhost someone on Twitch – Tutorial (2018)

In this easy and simple Twitch tutorial you will learn how to host another channel on Twitch, and also how to unhost on Twitch, we will show you how to do this on the Twitch.TV website, for this tutorial we will host somebody on Twitch and then Unhost it so you will be able to do this step by step too.

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  • Hogan Castro 1 year ago


  • CROK كروك 1 year ago


  • Gabi Besa 1 year ago

    Ty man so much

  • Royal 1 year ago

    This vid helped me out a bunch, just started streaming on twitch myself so these little tips are super helpful, my twitch name is @Pudgeyyyy and i’d appreciate anyone who would drop a follow

  • Frost Soul7755 1 year ago

    But how do I stop someone from hosting me without permission ?

  • Mr Vali333 1 year ago

    If you can make a video how to permanently unhost a channel

  • Frederik Kragh Jensen 1 year ago

    thx man happy u did not make a 10 min. long turtorlial

  • Temaxt 1 year ago


  • dead pool 1 year ago

    Could you tell me why it's telling me unable to host this channel plz

  • Agent Playz 95 1 year ago

    This video really helped me out!!! thank you

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