How To Get Twitch Adobe After Effects Plug-in for Free

In this video I show you how to get the Twitch Adobe After Effects Plug-in for free.


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  • PhoenixTrap 3 years ago

    when a 2011 video still works

  • VegetarianFanboyEdits 3 years ago

    Mines is saying it's "missing." Does anyone know how to fix that?

  • Pirate 3 years ago

    put the speed on 1.5……really helps

  • Fran Music 3 years ago


  • agrestejr 3 years ago

    Works for me, 2018. I am on CC 2015

  • Rafael Galo 3 years ago


  • CDM Artz 3 years ago

    nice and very simple TUT Thx!

  • Zurreu 3 years ago

    slow ass tutorial but it works.

  • Gatsby 3 years ago

    thnx a lot dude it works on CC 2017 thnx ♥

  • Laufeyedits 3 years ago

    It's not showing up on my video co-pilot only my Saber plug-in is there. Ive followed all the steps im so confused :0

  • Merlisya 3 years ago


  • Alzorl 3 years ago

    Will this work for the 2017 release?

  • Sorrowamv 3 years ago

    it works

  • So Underrated 3 years ago

    after countless of hours trying to find a tutorial that ACTUALLY worked and didn't lead me to just getting the trial version, i finally found yours. you my man, are a lifesaver.

  • ZiniDesign 3 years ago

    Thanks you!

  • Chronic Lonely 3 years ago

    thanks alot i got it but on windows 10 i did the same thing til i put twitch in the file preset diffrent like yours and it work

  • GameRz Arena 3 years ago

    Thank you it worked

  • dread. 3 years ago

    lit video bout to make some lit ass edits fam

  • Moore 02 3 years ago

    works on mac?

  • Prodromos Th. 3 years ago

    THANKS DUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT EVEN WORKS WITH Adobe After Effects CC 2015

  • Quoc Pham 3 years ago

    Very usefullll! Thanks, Bro!

  • jupitrrz 3 years ago

    does this work on mac??

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