How to get FREE Twitch BITS?! | WORKING January 2019! | Updated!

In this Tutorial I’ll explain how to get free Twitch bits in every country FOR FREE!

Hoxx VPN Link:



  • Churpz 12 months ago

    Ik woon in België ik deed alles na maar er staat nog steeds probeer later nog een keer

  • Toxic Surgeon 12 months ago

    not work

  • Grupy 12 months ago

    Help, they stoped working for me. Like why?

  • Miodrag Stojanovic 12 months ago

    Dude it worked this is broken xD

  • TheSQUID10 12 months ago

    Can you use other VPNs?

  • Gesú Misto 12 months ago

    it says try again later

  • yes 12 months ago

    2019 but it has been uploaded in 2017

  • Jan Gerloff 12 months ago

    Doesn't seem to work anymore since 2019 for me..

  • Peto Kmet 12 months ago

    IVE WATCHED an ad and it didnt give me any bits

  • DabDestroyer 12 months ago


  • Rick van den heuvel 12 months ago

    nederlandse man hahaha

  • Jonathan Maher 12 months ago

    doesnt work

  • Rémi Pennel 12 months ago

    are you Indian or French ‘Cause, not to be racist, you sound like the perfect mix between the two!

  • Boss Jules 12 months ago

    i have 65 bits but its not donatingg.

  • Coolkc456 12 months ago

    Doesn't work. Says "Ad Limit Reached. Try again tomorrow". Proof:

  • Rodin0100 12 months ago

    i cant watch any ads

  • Erfan akbari 12 months ago

    Tnx it helped me a lot <3

  • #theworstyoutuber 12 months ago

    It won't let me. Everyday it says 'try again later'

  • MR ADW 12 months ago

    Bedankt man hopelijk werkt het nog steeds

  • #theworstyoutuber 12 months ago

    It doesn't work. Everyday it says try again later.

  • Alex Murray 12 months ago

    it didnt work it said after i clicked it "try again later"

  • skoxx. 12 months ago

    it says try again later dafuq

  • CryptoYK 12 months ago

    I had Adblocker on when i tried to watch a video so i need to wait now for nothing -_-

  • lew 12 months ago

    it only works some times wtf

  • Aron 12 months ago

    I also know this method! I live in the Netherlands 🇳🇱, to so i hope everyone enjoyed bequase it really works.

  • Madafakaa3122 12 months ago

    Can somebody help me? I haven't watched any ads for 10 days, yet it says I have reached the limit even if I create new accounts :/

  • markcer2 12 months ago

    o shit my name is mark too wassup 8)

  • Macfries 17 12 months ago

    Guys not alot of people know this but the ads have a 6 minute "cool down" watch an ad and if It says try again later wait 6 minutes and see if it works 🙂

  • OM3RTG 12 months ago


  • Matty 12 months ago

    it has been blocked

  • ‘ vex 12 months ago

    WTF IM BLOCKED FROM TWITCH?????????????????????????

  • Ambiotics 12 months ago

    Reading the comments, sounds pretty faulty

  • Robocroc 777 12 months ago

    its amazing thanks

  • Amsterdammer 12 months ago

    Hi im dutch to but im a mobile user 🙁

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