How To Get Free Bits on Twitch – Free Twitch Cheers

How to get free bits on Twitch. In this tutorial I show you how to get Twitch bits for free. Since October of 2016, Twitch has been giving users free bits for watching ads.

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To get Twitch bits for free simply go to your favorite affiliated Twitch streamer, and click the Bit icon in the chat message box. Click Get Bits. Click Watch Ad. Now watch the full 30 seconds of the ad and click one thing on the ad to earn your free Twitch bits.

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  • Big Leaguer Baseball 2 years ago

    Great ty, and will try. Also, I followed you on Twitch just now, but it said no videos. Do you just not use Twitch?

  • SOGE 2 years ago

    I figured out how to get rid of the "No ads are available" for Google Chrome press the lock icon (top left), then press site settings, then allow Pop-ups and disable ad blocker. If the free bit ad shows for one second then goes back to not available that means no ads will be on that day

  • Noah van Stralen 2 years ago

    i can't watch atts

  • Ayay Gaming 2 years ago

    Now you only get 2 bits

  • ninja blood 2 years ago

    would that help yr twitch to if u not got the bits icon

  • TTv NotReddFN 2 years ago

    how do i get so many bits like 25 i can only get 5

  • A Red Pig On The Internet 2 years ago

    Why can't I watch ads? It just says that it doesn't have any ads.

  • Changed O_O 2 years ago

    it dosent work because everybody is doing it :/ and that means that they can't afford to make it work because it will get over used

  • J13 Jim 2 years ago

    everytime i try it now I am able to watch 1 ad then it says your over your limits

  • ipoped_ ur_mom 2 years ago

    wait what if it font let you i tryied butit has a no no things :v aka it wont let me get more

  • Nathan Davis 2 years ago

    Thanks this really helped! Much appreciated! I used to watch ads on mobile but it only gave me 2 bits so I will be using the computer method much more!

  • Taylah Manners 2 years ago

    what if it dose not work

  • Orange Owl 2 years ago

    I cant find ads

  • Totally ArDa TR 2 years ago

    it says try again later

  • Jack Kelly 2 years ago

    Just so people know, this DOES NOT work for Safari you need to do it on Chrome.

  • CrashAnimates 2 years ago

    I tried this but it keeps saying "Try Again Later" :/

  • Amster Damm 2 years ago

    use a vpn and set it to the US and change your DNS to America, and then your able to watch ads for bits as a european!

  • spagettu guy? 2 years ago

    in some places you cant do this like uk i think probs NA only

  • SpiderCase 23 2 years ago

    It says try again later. Is that supposed to be the limit text?

  • Mike 716 2 years ago

    great vid, thank you very much

  • jalle_x 2 years ago

    It is always unvalivab i Cant watch videos

  • David Barnes 2 years ago

    I only get 2 bits

  • The_vainiu s 2 years ago

    It dosent work for me

  • Nimid X 2 years ago

    Is there a limit

  • Unitato Ruler 2 years ago

    it is stuck on "try again later"

  • Zed 2 years ago

    It don't work, don't work to press "Watch ad"

  • Yeet on my Toes 2 years ago

    Bro It says try again later if been a month

  • Night Slayer 101 2 years ago

    dude thanks sooo much really!

  • Im_ Area 2 years ago

    Too bad it has a cool down so I can’t get alot

  • Lee Lee 2 years ago

    :O Thank youuu!!! :>>>

  • Aflexed 2 years ago

    Everytime it says Try again later

  • Megan Renae 2 years ago

    Why does mine say "try again later" more times than not?

  • Apocalypse 2 years ago

    Honestly u kinda sound like J. G. Quintel

  • ItzPhase YT 2 years ago

    I mute tabbed you.

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