How To Download Past Broadcasts From Twitch (Tutorial) 30+ mins support! (POSSIBLY OUTDATED)

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  • ??? ??? 4 years ago

    i want to watch but its over 15+hours so i cant downlod(takes too long) how cna i watch?

  • HeavenHammer 4 years ago

    This video is only available to subscribers.

  • Jakle 4 years ago

    does this work with subscriber only content

  • Bacbi 4 years ago

    can't get it to work, is there anyone who know of a method to download atleast 30 minutes of footage instead of 15?

  • Karan Bassi 4 years ago

    My past broadcasts don't show up

  • Faindiop 4 years ago

    The file doesnt exist, Ive to find another method.

  • HitBox 4 years ago

    this would be awesome, if it worked for the video i want to get…i keep only getting small 5 second and 'pending'  files only.

  • Drama Sverige 4 years ago

    I wanna open the file in Sony Vegas but i can not any help ?

  • RusheR - CSGO 4 years ago

    May I get some help please?
    I do exacly what you say,and when it starts downloading and everything it only does it for 5seconds (MAX) and then it creates a new Path (The Far Left "Name") and it starts a new download,it never stays on 1 path and downloads everything,it creates multiply Names! Please help!

  • yolo pranks 4 years ago

    Tanke man!

  • LadyGwen88 4 years ago

    I can't find the flv file

  • AnimeBN4 4 years ago

    Is it HD if you download it ?

  • YcatsVlogs 4 years ago

    i did that and nothing came up.  there was no link for the video? 

  • uTheJoKeR 4 years ago

    Video doesn't run after the download

  • MezzT 4 years ago

    Thanks so much :D. I recently bought an xbox one and my old HD PVR did not work with it so uploading became a bit of a problem. Ur video allows me to stream my xbox one, download it, edit it and upload it. 😀 Subbed and Liked Good Job!

  • Henkka :D 4 years ago

    why u i dont have anything on past broadcasts?

  • Marnstradomus 4 years ago

    hey I liked the video but I can't get the file to play. I just get the audio. I tried downloading a highlight idk if that matters. is there a way to convert the file? also twitch has changed a lot since april does this method still work? thanks – MARNSTRADOMUS

  • EadwineGaming 4 years ago

    I Don´t get any of my broadcast in "past broadcast" can some one help me plz Thanks 🙂

  • Cautious 4 years ago

    Thanks man this really helped out, now I can watch Jericho's stream on my 4hr flight 😀

  • Florian Trabauer 4 years ago

    I use the old API to get the download links. You get a list of links and other Information from that. 

    I've written a small script that gets all the links, downloads all parts of the broadcast and creates one big mp4-File. My Internet is crap, so thats my solution to watch past streams on my Tablet, PC ….. 

    My script is based on a blogpost from Johannes Bader about Twitch

    My improved version of his script (creates folders for games and streamers, converts to mp4)

  • Crank Crobs 4 years ago

    hey i need help, when i copy the link and such it on an new website they dont came a download but a new site with my video. sorry for my english i hope you understand it 😀

  • FCBarca6XAVI 4 years ago

    How can I find my videos on "Past broadcasts" panel? when I go there it just says "No Past Broadcasts Found"! Tack 🙂

  • thebestizboy 4 years ago

    Thank You very much! It helped me alot. 🙂

  • Artimax 4 years ago

    Woah such hax 


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