How To Add Optifine to ANY modpack! [2021 FTB/Twitch] +Valhesia 2

Simple, to-the-point tutorial on how to add Optifine to ANY FTB Minecraft Pack via the Twitch launcher [ANY VERSION]. This is the 2021 version of this video and should be updated to work with all modpacks, including 1.15 and up.

REMEMBER! Adding Optifine will boost your frames, but you can improve it EVEN MORE by adding more RAM to Minecraft. Check my tutorial here:
2019 Guide:

Get the Twitch launcher:

0:00 – Explanation
0:32 – Finding Minecraft Version
1:00 – Downloading OptiFine
1:50 – Installing OptiFine
2:40 – Testing OptiFine

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Everything in this video is my personal opinion and experience, and should not be considered professional advice. Always do your own research and make sure what you’re doing is safe.



  • HisokasLeftToe 6 months ago

    when i click open folder it keeps saying access is denied

  • Dranz 6 months ago

    Doesn't work on 1.16.5, I can only install it in main mc directory

  • Quacob 6 months ago

    does not work for MC Eternal

  • Goblin Kid 6 months ago

    Do you need java for this to work? I tried to launch java once and it gave me an error message.

  • crimsonlol 6 months ago

    im using valhisia 3 on 1.16.4 and whenever i launch the game with optifine it freezes

  • Dennis Woods 6 months ago

    This doesn't work with the FTB launcher it self, might want to note that.

  • Cawfee 6 months ago

    Does it work on 1.16.4?

  • Uncle Baneman 6 months ago

    fore warning for people trying this on 1.16.4, this method does work but it does take some time for it to actually boot up to the Minecraft in-game menu screen.

  • Furkan Altintas 6 months ago

    Can make a new Minecraft mod Profile and than download Optifine like this ?

  • Jackiedude 6 months ago

    Good shid.

  • dude 6 months ago

    Mine crashed

  • Trent Moore 6 months ago

    your a liar.

  • PersonOnEarth 6 months ago

    Man, I was pulling my hair out confused as all hell on how I could get optifine and other mods into my twitch modpacks, but then I found your video. Thank you so much man, you really saved me from having a bad day and going to sleep grumpy.

  • Maask 6 months ago

    1.16.4 Does not work yet with optifine and forge, if you wanna run this with forge you need to be at least in 1.16.3 with forge 34.0.0

  • Matic Hafnar 6 months ago

    pls help my friends wanna play crundee craft but vanila optimazation is bs so i tried to use this to install optifine but it crashes as soon as i launch it so idk what to do got any advice

  • Jackson0405 6 months ago

    When I do this the mod does not work

  • Happy Fun Times 6 months ago

    First time I’ve seen a tutorial for this stuff that doesn’t skip important steps cuz “it’s obvious”

  • cheese 6 months ago


  • Beagle Studios 6 months ago

    "The game crashed so I'm just gonna give it 12GB RAM"

    Me: Cries in 3200MHz 16GB RAM

  • Set 6 months ago

    Thanks for this.

  • Rasengan 6 months ago

    I get it thanks your very specific

  • t62pac 6 months ago

    Worked just fine! thanks

  • Grinmace 6 months ago

    thx now i can use the shaders on volacno block to make it look more cool

  • Envy 6 months ago

    seem not work with 1.16.1 . all the fabric 3 modpack

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