GTA Online Casino DLC – TWITCH PRIME REBATE! How To Get Your $1,500,000 Back From Rockstar

GTA Online Casino DLC – TWITCH PRIME REBATE! How To Get Your $1,500,000 Back From Rockstar

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  • rita Jingoku 9 months ago

    Ur character looks like his name is Rahul lol

  • booze paradise 9 months ago

    do you have to pay monthly for a twitch prime

  • FBI 9 months ago

    Also doesn't show that I hooked up my social club and twitch when I did on the gta 5 loading screen

  • FBI 9 months ago

    It shows pc and Xbox on my screen and it shows a check on xbox do you need a check on both devices to use the loot

  • Dong Son 9 months ago

    Can u still apply the twitch prime discount? Also is there any in game purchases needed?

  • Joseph I 9 months ago

    Anybody now how long it takes to receive it

  • Alex Clements 9 months ago

    I purchased a £12 shark card two weeks ago and have gotten 2 rebates? Why?

  • Liam Burck 9 months ago

    I did the twitch prime thing and linked all my accounts and stuff but I never got the stuff, do you know why it wouldn’t work??

  • Jōsë Valencia El Cuh 9 months ago

    Does anyone think I’ll get back what I paid for the arcade that I paid already

  • ProVred 8 9 months ago

    I still dont fucking get my twitch prime arcade rebate fuck its been 12 Days

  • Diritry Yt 9 months ago

    I just done it so I hope I have it

  • Brandon Pearce 9 months ago

    Sounds like Mr boss ftw

  • zapper 24z 9 months ago

    How do you do it I’ve been trying

  • Paul M 9 months ago

    I got my twitch prime notification and everything and instead of getting. 1.5M I got 1M and the scramjet , insurgent pickup aren’t on a discount

  • Matthieu 9 months ago

    I buyed twitch prime but when do i got my money i claimed the bonus on the site but i still got nothing i buyed it a hour ago

  • Raymondjshea111 9 months ago

    Is this rebate still going on

  • Rego 89 9 months ago

    Even if u have ur linked before will u still get it the deal

  • LostBigGaming 9 months ago

    I only got 250000

  • Alton Howard 9 months ago


  • ichigo 9 months ago

    i recieved a message that i earnd 250k from the twitch prime but i havent got the Pixel Pete's Arcade property???

  • Unknown Guy 9 months ago

    What about the arcade bc i didn’t get the arcade but I got twitch prime in I link it plus rockstar gave me 250k

  • Bad Vibez 9 months ago

    All I want is for someone to do the heist with me and at least get 700k each

  • Alton Howard 9 months ago

    Shit I got mine for free don’t know about the rest of y’all lmao

  • xXRod _ 9 months ago

    I claimed the one from right now but got nothing

  • IDRA PEANUT 9 months ago

    I got the penthouse and the money

  • Pork-Chop-3 Plays 2k 9 months ago

    Sooooo people who don’t have twitch prime don’t get jack shit?

  • NoVa Kaoss 9 months ago

    I didn’t buy the penthouse and got the $1500000

  • Hector Herrera 9 months ago

    I got the money and the free penthouse

  • Dark Streams 9 months ago


  • TPVPMIKE - 9 months ago

    Does it work for ps4

  • Ishotubro973 9 months ago

    Way to get it now free?

  • Mateo Ceballos Querol 9 months ago

    hey so it's still going on and im almost there but when it tells me to link my gaming platform it doesnt show pc (i play on pc)

  • illproducedit 9 months ago


  • Fat MonMon 9 months ago

    what if i dont even have enough to buy the stuff in the first place

  • T2 Ldn 9 months ago


  • Fanatic • 9 months ago


  • TheDissMaster 99 9 months ago

    I only got 600k back

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