Gta 5|[MUST WATCH]twitch prime trouble shooting prolude//How to restart gta online tutorial

So for many people out there trying to race the clock to get this twitch prime rewards with out knowing have went and started Gta online and skipped right over the tutorial. The community asked us to find a way to get you back to the start and we delivered. Learn how you can redo the Gta online tutorial and get your reward if over 1mill in your bank today.



  • Zombie Revolverheld 10 months ago

    Thanks for almost 2 minutes of bullsh¡t before the video. 🙄

  • boo 10 months ago

    I did the tutorial when I first started the game, I did it again. How do I know that this works. Do I just have to wait and see if I get the rewards?

  • Jason wellsbury 10 months ago

    Thank you very much for this it works wonders 🤘

  • mathayus Gregory 10 months ago

    After tutorial is done can i switch back to normal online character

  • Going Dark 10 months ago

    Will thry give you the money on your main character?

  • LiL RiXe 10 months ago

    Does it give you the 1,000,000 back like in the beginning?

  • Joemama 10 months ago

    I did the tutorial but I still didn’t get it

  • Cole Bennett 10 months ago

    Does skipping the tutorial effect anything else besides twitch prime? I’m worried that it effected my contact missions. And I know this sounds paranoid but I’m also worried it effected my graphics cause I skipped it

  • WholesomeTaco 10 months ago

    Yo u were roasting the shiit outta wendy😂😂

  • Dexrex 10 months ago

    I never got the chance to do the tutorial
    It never did it the first and never did it the second time

  • RedRazor19 10 months ago

    What is this shit man i dont wanna delete my main character i wanna just get my rewards smh

  • Pentoe Bean 10 months ago

    If I do this and make a new gta character will my original character get deleted?

  • Berk Güver 10 months ago

    DUDE please help me ı want to do the tutorial on my main charecter how can ı do that dude please HELP me

  • Jed Murillo 10 months ago

    So When I Do That Then The The Twitch prime benefits is also on both character

  • S Z 10 months ago

    Thank you so much, I solved

  • GoodBoi 10 months ago

    But i want to get it with my main character

  • Ar Wi 10 months ago

    wtf is wrong with that guy in the background xD

  • Peter McDonough 10 months ago

    if i delete the second character will i still get my stuff and still be able to get more twitch prime stuff PLEASE HELP

  • Al Sa 10 months ago

    I already got twitch Prime on my ps4 and now I switched to PC, can I get Prime also on that Platform, or nah?
    I switched because, as u know, Rockstar published GTA for free on Epic Games and I do not want to pay anymore for PSplus.

  • Gtown8_ 10 months ago

    @Poptart gaming 101 do you have to play for 30 minutes in the second account after the tutorial?

  • Cosmic Otaku 10 months ago

    so does this go onto the other account or the one u did the tutorial on

  • Co1e08 10 months ago

    Does it count as doing the tutorial on my main account

  • Cristobal Sepulveda 10 months ago

    Dude Jesus fucking christ just get to the fucking point.

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