FFXI in 2017 – ROE Intermediate Tutorial! – Twitch Highlights

FFXI in 2017 can be daunting at first, especially with getting your first i119 gear set. Turns out that’s not as hard as I thought….and I’m catching up on the ROE objectives I missed that provide tons of free gear to catch you up! Whoops….

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PC Specs: Ryzen 5 1600x
16GB 2933mhz RAM
GTX 980 Ti

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  • Atherin1337 3 years ago

    Your videos are great, but it helps that you have a reasonably good radio voice i.e. you don't sound/look like the typical failure at life the rest of us tend to be. =P
    I'm saying… we like listening to you (no homo)

  • rebirthofsword 3 years ago

    the nm that was stone locking you at 12:49 is Pandemonium Warden the t5 zeni nm

  • James Lockwood 3 years ago

    Commenting here after I donated for.. linkpearl holders? Thank ya kindly

  • Charles La Celle 3 years ago

    since its your fault i started playing this again. you should totally do a i117-i119 guide. thanks!

  • James Lockwood 3 years ago

    "I'll stay here, you're doing great" LOL

  • Littlelost Cat 3 years ago

    Uhhhhh where'd you get the kupon XD I need it for my mule!


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