Disclosure – Birthday ft. Syd & Kehlani Breakdown (Twitch Tutorial)

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  • Emile Vrb 3 months ago

    Hey! how can i follow the twitch stream? do you guys do that every week or something?

  • Daniel Kelly 3 months ago

    1:17:52 wish they explained this a bit more

  • sparkyjoe 3 months ago

    Hi guys love your tunes

  • Create & Create 3 months ago

    Disclousure, please make a remix og Hide & Seek. You would make the best remix of them all. Give it a goo, please! <3

  • Dj Aro 3 months ago

    love your tutorials…serious lads

  • Mikey22LR 3 months ago

    You guys really know your sh*t. Great stuff. Thanks! 🙂

  • Jacapo pol 3 months ago

    If they were not using logic they could have got the AMD thread ripper, it will handle the project just fine.

  • Will C 3 months ago

    need more Syd collabs

  • Dylan 3 months ago

    OR cooling pad / download hw monitor, if cpu reaches 70 celcius or above gg

  • Dylan 3 months ago

    Disclosure where you save your projects brah don’t save them on an external hard drive, it runs off it throughout using that (file). Save it on the local SSD (unless the external hard drive is an SSD) i think thats the issue here “disk space” is in other words storage usage and storage location

  • s ii 3 months ago

    Youtube does this????? That's awsome I LOVE THIS SONG captured the essence of both Syd & Kehlanis voices and tones harmoniously

  • kevincm2012 3 months ago

    It's hard to me, cuz i'm speak spanish but I am here big fan of Disclosure 😊

  • Jay Hu 3 months ago

    Great explanation. Keep going.

  • Xander Mateusz 3 months ago

    Love that for us 😍

  • HimAnk 3 months ago

    Stay Safe Guys 🎉🎉

  • Today 3 months ago


  • lee g 3 months ago

    What about the dj Khalid tracks? I can’t stream them.

  • Davion Coombs 3 months ago


  • Until_its_0v3r 3 months ago

    Good song ?!

  • RemStarz 3 months ago

    To the Early Squad Reading This: Sending hugs to everyone who needs it. Always stay safe, read my name 😊

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