Chat Blur Tutorial for OBS and Streamlabs OBS (Twitch, DLive, Mixer)




  • MalignanTVideO 1 year ago

    Sadly this doesn't work anymore. Not sure what changed, but I can't have two of the same capture going, without one of them saying "Looking for something to capture."

  • MightySmiley 1 year ago

    Bad game good tutorial

  • Jilreign 1 year ago

    Easier way to crop it is to simply "fit to screen" to match the same size, then just hold alt and drag the edges as if u were transforming but it uses the crop function

  • Jesse Bosnak 1 year ago

    Thanks dude!

  • EstharFalcus 1 year ago

    I'd honestly never thought of implementing it this way. Great idea, although the cropping is a bit more convoluted than it needs to be. I just dragged the window to be full size then cropped by holding alt and dragging the sides, the same way as if resizing. This allows you to crop without typing anything in, you just drag it to the appropriate size. This would also make it 100% accurate every single time whilst putting in less effort shown in your video.

    Regardless that I'd do it a little differently, still a great idea and great job!

  • Ezcore G 1 year ago

    Dood this video was awesome! I watched another one and couldn't get it down, maybe it was my fault but either way great video simple! Only one gripe was you skipped fast over the crop filter add to the list so i had to replay vid a bunch over n that part to get it but no biggie. Thank you for the upload!

  • ElijahDiamond 04 1 year ago

    Just to tell you, instead of using random places until you find a spot for the blur, you can change the size by moving the sides and holding alt at the same time.

  • yELo_HQ 1 year ago

    Oooh very awesome! You think it drops your FPS quite a bit? Considering you're having 2 game captures live?

  • TheGreenYeti 1 year ago

    I did everything to the T but when I set the aspect ratio to the lowest it just makes the capture smaller, It doesn't lower the "quality," of the capture. Any help?

  • hikaridemon 1 year ago

    Thank you so much!!! I've been looking for this kind of tutorial for months!

  • AngryBrit 1 year ago

    is it not crazy to have a chat blur running as a whole game capture though? Is that not impact heavy on streaming games? It is bascially capturing and streaming a duplicate of the game correct? wether its blurred or not. I am not sure how this is a logical way of doing things, although probably with streamlabs OBS the only way, I would move over to OBS studio and use the plug for blur but some reason no matter what I do the preview and stream is always blurred itself lol ..

  • errorlinkTV 1 year ago

    You're wonderful thank you <3

  • Stratisfied 1 year ago

    Thanks a lot choice! This was a great lil guide!

  • inanimate111 1 year ago

    Awesome! Keep the information coming, and the views will come 🙂

  • RezzaOW 1 year ago

    good stuff Choice! keep it up Zerg boi

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