Build a simple web page to listen to twitch chat with tmi.js

This is an excerpt of a stream that was broadcasted live on twitch. Watch the full live stream here:
View the code here:
View the site here:

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  • SpartusDev 3 months ago

    Coding Garden Could you teach us how to make microservices and serviceWorkers….

  • Zim Zimmerman 3 months ago

    using document.queryselector just returns null and yes I confirmed the IDs

  • RektOrNah 3 months ago

    I' m wondering why you're using an object over an array though D:

  • billiondollarman 3 months ago

    How did you get that nebula look on your chat? Looks cool.

  • RUGMJ7443 : Main Channel 3 months ago

    Hey I’m trying to save chat to a txt file every stream but I keep getting this error (I’m using fs in node btw) My code: client.on(β€˜chat’, (channel, tags, message, self) => {
    fs.readFile(β€˜log.txt’, β€˜utf8’, function (err, data, tags, message) {
    output = (data + β€˜n’ + tags.username + β€˜:’ + message + β€˜n’)
    fs.writeFile(β€˜log.txt’, output, function (err) {

    And the error I’m getting: output = tags.username + β€˜:’ + message + β€˜n’)
    TypeError: Cannot read property β€˜username’ of undefined

    Can someone help me please?

  • Ryan Cunningham 3 months ago

    what theme do you use in VS code?

  • Tyler Clark 3 months ago

    Woohoo I was there for that stream!

  • k 3 months ago

    Like for super cool invisible cup <3

  • Charly G 3 months ago

    CJ is a Best! regards from Argentina.

  • James Koger 3 months ago

    Is this something that can be hosted on Heroku?

  • James Koger 3 months ago


  • AlanD20 3 months ago

    Amazing content. I love it. Please upload more tutorials πŸ™‚ i really love your teaching style.

  • Yoandy Villaman 3 months ago

    i need this theme pls

  • Mihnea Gogu 3 months ago

    CJ what keyboard do you have? Sounds really crisp

  • Felipe Trost 3 months ago

    Wow! I didn't now some browsers had speech synthesis built into them

  • Simone Catapano 3 months ago

    Very nice video! I learned so much from it

  • Raj Shrishrimal 3 months ago

    Superb video πŸ’₯πŸŽ‰

  • Adarsh Chhokar 3 months ago

    The way you can create an application from scratch! 😱😱 Great work CJ πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

  • INfoUpgraders 3 months ago

    Nice video and very creative, also first comment omg!

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