ANIMATE Your Twitch Stream With Motion Effects

This guide will show you how you can animate your own Twitch stream with motion effects. Motion Effect is a free plugin for OBS Studio.


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► Epidemic Sound – Royalty Free Music + Sound FX


► Motion Effect Download


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  • wingedkey. 2 years ago

    how to do the blurred gameplay on the background in 0:50?

  • Celestial Melody 2 years ago

    Great~! Now I can Rick Roll people with style~!

  • Xavier Xeta 2 years ago

    I just don't understand why people would do this without the curve

  • Fatkhan Daniansyah 2 years ago

    I just deleted scene transaction, how to put that back?

  • AyoKikando 2 years ago

    Just found your channel and awesome content! Question how did you get your window have that blur dark effect. For example at the :38 second mark, your edged where your camera are pointing have that blurred edge and is dark? Thank you.

  • esteBAM _979 2 years ago

    So I recently had a drive go out on my PC. No biggie, I got everything back up and running. I pasted my backup setting file called "obs-studio" it the proper location. I got everything back, except all of my plugins were gone. Once I re-download all of my plugins, will I get back all of my presets back for each individual plugin? If not how would I save my plugin presets in the future?

  • SinanTheRipper 2 years ago


  • Elizabeth Yu 伊利沙伯 2 years ago

    I was literally taking notes and very focused UNTIL I GOT RICK ROLLED !! FEEL BETRAYED!! XD

  • Proto Gaming 2 years ago

    how many camera do you have?

  • Christopher Conkright 2 years ago

    Would you do a video on stream elements?

  • Alpha Cat 2 years ago

    Dude no way big poppa like you is editing your own videos?

  • EinerVon Euch 2 years ago

    a question:
    does it work for streamlabs now?
    Video is a bit older

  • Candy Matic 2 years ago

    This is such a neat plugin! Thanks for your robust tutorial on how to utilize it!

  • Layz 2 years ago

    Can anyone help me ? I know it’s very late , but I can’t install the plugin/ I can’t use it in OBS-Studio. Thanks for every help! Great Vids @nutty

  • Crohnie Gaming 2 years ago

    what about stream elements ? will it work with that?

  • MrTux 2 years ago

    Hey I have been trying to figure out how the install of this plugin works because I think I am dropping it into the correct folder (downloads because my obs studio AND streamelements installers are both in my downloads) and it STILL isn't working. I have re-downloaded a few times, extracted the folders to my downloads, tried it again with first closing out my OBS, but still to no help. Can you help? <3 Been LOVING your vids

  • Tim Leu 2 years ago

    I did exactly what you did in the video for installation. Never brought it up when I ran OBS Studio. Deleted all the files for it. No patience for stuff that doesn't work as explained.

  • Didier Boulet 2 years ago

    Does it work on Mac ? Anyone compiled the source for Mac OSX?

  • Chris Waldrop 2 years ago

    Well i basically got it to work

  • Leif Beaton 2 years ago

    I'm quite stringent on subscribing to channels, I am suffering information overload in all aspects of my life. That said; I had to press the button on yours. I really enjoy your style. The content is great, but it was the delivery that won me over.

  • Salti 2 years ago

    I have streamelements is that a problem?

  • Cliff Creates 2 years ago

    Streamlabs OBS on a Mac. Just my luck 😖 looks cool though

  • mrsteven newman 2 years ago

    Hey Nutty, just know that you are not influencing Streamers on Twitch, but teachers for classrooms, especially with the 'Rona' changing the way we are teaching! Your apporach is totally awesome and simple to follow. Love your humour. I was impressed you could pronounce Bezier, then I nearly spat out my coffee when you admitted to Googling how to pronounce it.

  • Doc Reo TV 2 years ago

    Subscribed, just because of how REAL you talk. Thanks for the entertaining info video.

  • Fernando Elizondo 2 years ago

    I'm so glad I found you on youtube man, you always bring something useful, thanks!

  • Sean4Help 2 years ago

    Love the subliminal Rick Rolling from 7:51 to 8:03 on your top monitor.

  • Marte Salas 2 years ago

    ptm bro, siempre que busco algo para el obs termino en tu canal, buenos humos

  • TriggerrrX 2 years ago


  • revampeddrdth37 2 years ago

    Great video… thanks.. and no thanks. and quit telling me to join the discord….I did it the first time LOL

  • Josh Lopez 2 years ago

    Hey Nutty! I've been loving your videos! Thank you. How do you get a nice shadow on a camera with slightly rounded corners? I've been trying to figure this out but the sdf effects for outer shadow are not working. 🙁

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