After Effects Twitch – Tutorial#1 by PaxSkills

in this tutorial i show u how i create my twitch effect in After Effects. It’s a basic tutorial for beginners. More tutorials will follow, if u want a special tutorial, just let me know.

By PaxSkills



  • Snojie 3 years ago

    i dont have the twich plugin

  • Serkan Yel 3 years ago

    Thanks you..

  • Λνγκα 3 years ago

    This effect is not even available in the original version you have to download it

  • Plasma Graphics 3 years ago

    short and sweet thx

  • Johan Schöld Ek 3 years ago

    Thank you man!

  • Msg 01 3 years ago

    thanks !

  • Stewpot 3 years ago

    Needed a quick guide to help me finish a practice clip, helped me get a jump start

  • Wioleta Furman 3 years ago

    arigato gozaimas! <3

  • Hannah Breitegger 3 years ago

    In deutsch wärs mir lieber gewesen😂 aber trotzdem gut erklärt👌🏼👍🏼

  • Asaur 3 years ago

    Deutscher Xd

  • ACE 3 years ago

    thanks for this

  • Jesse Jankulovski 3 years ago

    yes finally found a tutorial that edits flips like i do!

  • Eirik Dørre 3 years ago

    do a tutorial on the blur effect

  • Eirik Dørre 3 years ago

    this helped me soo much! make more tutorials!

  • TrolletPlays 3 years ago


  • Sque. 3 years ago

    deutsches tut?

  • ItzMarti 3 years ago

    Does this work with Spectrum at drop?

  • Hamburgaga 3 years ago

    bei mir is kein videocopilot wtf

  • Johannes Brunner 3 years ago

    wie schlecht ist dein englisch. man hört dass du deutscher bist. so. hab ichbim Kindergarten geredet

  • milkykun 3 years ago

    Thanks man, great tutorial!

  • MrCraZyFx 3 years ago

    Ty man you are so awesome!

  • Giacomo de Lorenzi 3 years ago

    what song did you use for the intro? 😀

  • Feiro 3 years ago

    Ein Tutorial für 3D Texte, wie aus eurem Best of Video, wäre richtig gut 😀

  • i played saints row 3 years ago

    downfuckingload pls

  • Rax Artz 3 years ago

    Tank you

  • b_Unr34l 3 years ago

    Ist es möglich, dass der Effekt durchgehend ist und nicht einmal mehr, einmal weniger wird?

  • MusicLapse 3 years ago

    Thanks nice video

  • TPA Nunu Cube 3 years ago

    hey echt geiles tut selbst wenn s auf englisch ist man versteht es ! danke <3 like dagelassen

  • Qwesty 3 years ago


  • HeartClanStream 3 years ago

    Hi, my name is Sarah and I likedyour video! Keep up the superb work and if you get a chance, stop by my channel and check out my videos. I recently started a gaming channel and I would like to get some feedback. Thanks ^_^

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