After Effects Tutorial: Homemade RGB Twitch Plugin [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Can I get 100 likes please?

Did the best I could to replicate the RGB Twitch from Video Copilot. I hope the tutorial explained it well, if not feel free to ask me anything in the comments below. If you end up downloading this, please like the video to help my channel grow. Enjoy.

Download link here:



  • Ari Bowman 5 years ago

    Thanks baker! My twitch has been acting weird lately and this saved my life!

  • Trap Ghost 5 years ago

    Does this render faster than twitch? because normalle it takes me 2 days to render with twich and without like 2 hours! hope this speeds it up haha (oh yeah and btw can I link it up to soundkeys)

  • Frank Delft 5 years ago

    When I drag this effect on my clip or an adjustment is just goes black, I have the same with the original Twitch plugin, anyone knows why? I work witch Ae CC

  • Vetle 5 years ago

    Thank you so much man!

  • Justice Radical 5 years ago

    it kinda wokrs in cs6… just messes up the clip for some reason

  • Flameh 5 years ago

    Does this work with other versions of after effects?

  • YoStormzHd 5 years ago

    Baker can you make another twitch effect for sony vegas which isnt 13mins long please!

  • Bobby Schmurdafog 5 years ago

    Baker, i have looked for so long I am on mac too how do i get sapphire plugins pleaase?

  • Torey Alvarez 5 years ago

    You sir are the Man! You just saved my butt at the eleventh hour with this very easy to use, well thought out pre-set and tutorial, I was able to absorb the concepts almost immediately and apply them to my work, 
    Liked and Subed, Thank you

  • Pristine 5 years ago

    I love you for making this

  • NoahFarlow Media 5 years ago

    Thank you so much for this effect!!!! 

  • BRNPXL 5 years ago

    When i download that can i our this Plug in i to magix Video Deluxe 2015 Premium ? Pls answered :)

  • XTRAARTS OLD CHANNEL 5 years ago

    link dosent work

  • Yasmin Ribeiro 5 years ago

    Hey! Your tutorial was brilliant. I just want to know how you got that. 7:54 When you opened the slider's settings. What do I need to press?

  • CodyAKA 5 years ago

    U got more than 100 likes xD

  • Lucas Gelf 5 years ago

    How might I rotoscope only part of an video to put this effect on?

  • Zytrec 5 years ago

    How do I split or whatever key frame… I hit my trickshot and I want it to start the effect when I hit my trickshot

  • ProjectTeenGaming 5 years ago

    what program is thad what your using for these video's ? ( not to recording but editing )

  • Nu Luk 5 years ago

    Help., I needed, Graphic Project & Promo Design Plugins.. Tnk.

  • Benjamin T 5 years ago

    Lol the description asked for 100 likes lol check the likes :P


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