After Effects Tutorial: Homemade RGB Twitch Plugin [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Can I get 100 likes please?

Did the best I could to replicate the RGB Twitch from Video Copilot. I hope the tutorial explained it well, if not feel free to ask me anything in the comments below. If you end up downloading this, please like the video to help my channel grow. Enjoy.

Download link here:



  1. Does this render faster than twitch? because normalle it takes me 2 days to render with twich and without like 2 hours! hope this speeds it up haha (oh yeah and btw can I link it up to soundkeys)

  2. You sir are the Man! You just saved my butt at the eleventh hour with this very easy to use, well thought out pre-set and tutorial, I was able to absorb the concepts almost immediately and apply them to my work, 
    Liked and Subed, Thank you

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