Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial | RGB Twitch Effect

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  • NativePLAY Entertainment 3 years ago

    Crazy stuffs you got my man

  • AML Films 3 years ago

    I am learning so much from you..I also bought some books you were reading…hopefully one day i can make my passion my career..

  • lovelines11 3 years ago

    Dope… Can you teach like color grading. Luts.. Would be dope af 🔥

  • Orion 3 years ago

    Gerçekten mükemmel ellerinize sağlık 😊👍👍👍👍👍 I'm from turkey. you very nice 👍

  • SEAK SUCCESS SPEAKS 3 years ago

    Official as always. Right on bro

  • ArtsNMage 3 years ago

    you always have the fly shit bro thx again…just wondering is it possible to make camera movement presets if so you definitely have a customer here 🙂

  • KD BITCHACHOS !! 3 years ago

    you are awsm men !!!


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