Add Chat Overlay To Stream (Twitch Tutorial)

In this video i show you how to have your twitch chat on your actual twitch stream. If you liked this video make sure to leave a like and I do have other twitch tutorials that you may like as well so don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE because it means a lot! ­čśÇ

(Please keep in mind that you might need better twitch tv

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  1. can i use this on xsplit
    i alway stream on youtube never stream on twitch Can you tell me stream on youtube can be open the live chat ?
    sorry i vietnamese
    i'm not good at english :V´╗┐

  2. can you help me i have one but it in not the chat i want in it it is like donations like someone donates at the bottem it say top donator and it stay there till someone pays higher plz help me´╗┐

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