Absolute Beginners Guide to Twitch Overlays

Program: Adobe Photoshop CC 2017
Tools: Rectangle Tool / No Fill / Border Fill / 10px
Effects: Blending Options (Strokes, Color Overlay, Gradient, Pattern, Drop Shadow)
Images: Pink Hair Anime Girl: http://www.mediafire.com/file/3e4c5rkd3g7fgcs/pink%20hair%20girl.png
Gradient Colors: #b4aac4 #e3d1d5
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 1920×1080
Font: Champagne & Limousines

Outro Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvHcqjcPZ1M


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  • Project Ace 2 years ago

    For anyone that don't have photoshop or any digital editing software, I made an update tutorial that generates the same results

  • GRAYSTRIPE345 2 years ago

    I've taken 7 years of Graphic Design classes, and I understood everything here, the only thing I personally had a problem with was that I'm using Corel Paintshop and not Photoshop so alot of things were different. Still able to make a good overlay though, thank you!

  • GiGi Alien 2 years ago

    Hello hello

  • oma omsi 2 years ago

    i cant find the live shape propoties

  • ReduxVII 2 years ago

    i like how some how my rectangle tool forms a triangle, i literally just downloaded this like 18 minutes ago.

  • Josephgamerrobox fx 2 years ago

    thank you soo much this tutorial really helped

  • Emmitt Hawthorne 2 years ago

    can you do this with photopea ?

  • Time Lords 2 years ago

    Are your videos for beginners

  • MattDaWB 2 years ago

    Hey ace, im REALLLY trying to make an overlay but every time i delete a layer to make it transparent the other layer just stays white and i cant find any ways to delete it please help, thank you

  • Roih 2 years ago

    Ace,what would I do when my resolution is not 1920×1080?

  • Matthew Kim 2 years ago

    serious question* i tried deleting the rectangle boxes during step 16:23, but instead of deleting the recatngles, it fills in the rectangles…. what do i do to delete them?

  • Pokethorix 2 years ago

    pls me me an overlay.
    click show more for details.

    Colour: galaxy
    Style: Geometric/Futuristic/Calm
    +1 sub

  • XVX Shayk 2 years ago

    i dont think people would want to watch it with the big black in the background

  • Nezuko CS 2 years ago

    D E M O N I T I Z E D

  • Sydney 2 years ago

    This was super helpful thank you!

  • adz 2 years ago

    doesn't work to make the webcam and gamebox transparent

  • Roih 2 years ago

    Can we do it without Photoshop?

  • Grynn 2 years ago

    great tutorial! thanks man!

  • tSUNd 2 years ago

    How to play osu in 1920×1080 with overlay ?

  • Danielle Denton 2 years ago

    Love love love this tutorial! My brother is huge into streaming right now and I wanted to hook him up with some graphics!

  • Exia 2 years ago

    thank you bro<3

  • Lady_SerenaCroft♡ 2 years ago

    Hey @project ace,

    could you work on an overlay that involves the game 'Nier Automata' plus the female character A2. It's supposed to be a surprise for my boyfriend and I can't afford Photoshop right now… You're so skilled at this kind of stuff ♡

    (1920×1080, has a webcam, 2 small frames for a donation goal and recent followers, no chat box, maybe a reddish black colour scheme)

    Thanks so much for your time :3

  • Novallucination 2 years ago

    I have a newfound crush.

  • Blest 2 years ago

    hey man. Just want to say thank you for the tutorial. I been doing photoshop 3 days and used ur tutorial to make a anthem themed overlay. I learnt alot fast thanks to u

  • Angel Beatz 2 years ago

    Great Video dude 🙂 Keep the good work up!

  • Rubix 2 years ago

    4:54 Is there any way to set the width and height like that in Pixlr?

  • CoolStuff 2 years ago


  • maxmbacon 2 years ago

    Hell yeah man this and the 2017 version is awesome

  • 2JAM3S 2 years ago

    when i click the box to make it transparent it never does it

  • HugoPlays - 2 years ago

    what if i want the whole thing can i have the download link to that overlay?

  • HugoPlays - 2 years ago

    please help me make one i dont have photoshop

  • Yurius 2 years ago

    Can you pls make me an overlay for soulworker? I do not have photoshop and i do not know how to use it. If you will can you tell me how to give you the images i want to use?

  • kerex123 2 years ago

    I was gonna open photoshop and I accidentally opened sony vegas

  • Frytas 2 years ago

    Are the blending options in gimp?

  • Twi G 2 years ago

    I have after effects, how do I add animations to the overlays, ie: borders and scene transitions…

  • Dango Le Zozo 2 years ago


  • UpssErroR 2 years ago

    Hi, how u delete shadow in gamebox? I mean in side. This happend when u creat screen chatbox and move layer to down, but it's dont work… Can u help me?

  • NoxLight 2 years ago

    When i put my overlay into obs, and then i put my osu under it, the part where the osu window is white and i dont see osu even tho that window was transparent on photoshop

  • All 2 years ago

    can this be done in paint.net?

  • Goyko 2 years ago

    But how do you avoid copyright on youtube while streaming tho?

  • Geese God 2 years ago

    I legit learned so much about Photoshop from this

  • Virsuh 2 years ago

    Liked & subbed before I even attempt to make the overlay. Seem like a very positive person, keep it up and good luck in the future.

  • Darmin 2 years ago

    Where can I find properties…

  • KrheaKap 2 years ago

    Great help, i hope nobody just uses a basic thing, so much stuff comes to mind after this video of Base knowledge…

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