A lesson on Twitch.tv emotes and how to use them.

This is an *unedited* Twitch VOD from PointCrow.

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Artwork/Emotes by Lycel, SSSucrose, AbbyBagel — Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/pointcrow

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  • PointCrow VODS 9 months ago

    well i guess this is more of a history lesson now

  • Team Fire 9 months ago

    im on twitch & yt so am i still stupid?

  • Matthew Shearer 9 months ago


  • issogashii. 9 months ago

    i just got back into twitch recently, and observing twitch chat isnt the most efficient way to learn. eric's a good teacher

  • Herr Anil 9 months ago


  • Grated Lentils 9 months ago

    this is an entire language…. it's actually kind of hard to remember what they all mean

  • TYSON WAHLEN 9 months ago

    so when will classes be open
    i want to learn im youtube frog

  • Harsh Dragon 9 months ago

    Better then school

  • Aaron Rogers 9 months ago

    I thought "LULW" was like "lol what?"

  • Rooster7 5428 9 months ago

    42 seconds in and I'm already dying of laughter

  • Legend Rayquaza 9 months ago

    KEKW is better fight me.

  • Torrential rain 9 months ago

    Man I love learning new languages!

  • JT Tunes 9 months ago

    This is fucking hilarious

  • Ninja Mouse 9 months ago

    Weather man eric

  • Dezmas 9 months ago

    23:01 Mathtron got him beat

  • Robin Westrick 9 months ago


  • Robin Westrick 9 months ago


  • theKuɴ 9 months ago

    The only class that I don't get bored of

  • Z Q 9 months ago

    This aged like fine wine

  • ilikerandom 9 months ago

    I've been wondering for ages how to get the other emotes to show up (I would just see the text and type it thinking it was an OBS thing, for instance monkaS). Now I finally know. Thanks Eric!

  • John 9 months ago

    My prime sub finally isn't tied up, I really need to use it on pcrow. POG

  • cbroxs17 9 months ago

    To everyone saying this didn't age well – I think this video will serve as an amazing primary source for future generations to study. Maybe we'll see a clip from this vod on a cnn documentary one day

  • ArchRaphael 9 months ago

    Sorry Prof, the lecture is already outdated.

  • Cleb 9 months ago

    This aged surprisingly poorly

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