Month: May 2021

Basics on How to Use Twitch (as a viewer)

This video teaches you all how to use Twitch as a viewer. I know a lot of you are confused on how to watch and follow people, so here you are. HOPE THIS HELPS! Follow me on Twitch: Become a Member: Thanks so much for watching this video. I hope you guys are […]

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mIRC – How to make a Twitch Chat Bot #3 – Advanced Scripts – Stop Command Spam / Flooding

I joined Maker Studios & so can you! Click here to see if your channel qualifies for RPM Network/Maker Studios: Download mIRC here: Script Example: on *:TEXT:!youtube:#: { if ((%floodyoutube) || ($($+(%,floodyoutube.,$nick),2))) { return } set -u10 %floodyoutube On set -u30 %floodyoutube. $+ $nick On msg $chan My youtube is Don’t forget […]

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Disclosure – Help Me Lose My Mind ft. London Grammar (Twitch Tutorial)

The new album ‘ENERGY’ is out now: Follow Disclosure on Twitch: Follow Disclosure: Sign Up To the Disclosure Mailing List: New limited edition merch available via Disclosure Store: source

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