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  • teenmbb 7 months ago

    i wanna know what the only dislike is about because this tutorial is gold

  • Manuel 7 months ago

    We need a expression tutorial for texts.

  • Emma Hazal 7 months ago

    could you do more tutorials on shakes??

  • erin lusty 7 months ago

    can anyone tell me the font ??? hehe

  • imqerial 7 months ago

    sorry but is the wiggle really necessary SJDJD

  • satansown s 7 months ago


  • Taylor Troutman 7 months ago

    I dont have a computer and I use ccp why am I here- oh well I'll still watch.

  • Hannah Morgan 7 months ago

    it would be so much easier to u understand tutorials if people didn’t add floats and colorings❤️

  • rixchy_ 7 months ago

    edit: it JUST notified me that u posted the vid…. is yt drunk and real slow???

  • Texting Chat Stories 7 months ago

    can you do some advanced twitches.. like rellvfx type twitch

  • grantsful 7 months ago

    how did you do the 3D text animation in the beginning?

  • caylanie 7 months ago


  • voidamour 7 months ago

    could you do a tutorial of a unfold cube?

  • raven van bosch 7 months ago

    could you do a tut of that 3D flip is the beggining? i cant find a tut like that :/

  • ᒍEᗩᑎᑭᗩᑌᒪ ᑕᗩOᗩGᗪᗩᑎ 7 months ago

    Can You Like, Do A Tutorial On How To Do The Text Poping Thing :,)

  • needysrose 7 months ago

    what do you use to screen record your after effects?

  • Reece Wilkerson 7 months ago

    Heyy can you do a tutorial on how to put glow aura like behind a person if that makes sense like it’s extruding from them

  • Green Arrow 7 months ago

    Can i add S_warpchroma?

  • ツsadiesangel 7 months ago

    Can you make a tutorial for beginners? 👉👈

  • softlyapril 7 months ago

    Could you do like text pop up and stuff

  • acnnie on insta 7 months ago

    what type of computer do you have? and can you maybe show us how to get twitch?

  • voidnoah 7 months ago

    could u do a tutorial of ur backgrouds? (the rainbow things behind el)

  • a slut for sabrina spellman 7 months ago

    ty! could u do a tutorial on the text for the "want this?" part?<33

  • gaby 7 months ago

    I love this tutorial so much! I was wondering if you can to a tutorial on how you do that shadow on your text, like in the thumbnail of this video. 💙

  • Yee yee Bitch 7 months ago

    Ogmsbfosj Hi i was wondering if u could make some text animation tutorials :)))

  • vaenitas 7 months ago

    i love your videos bruh

  • kamilah 7 months ago

    I already had a general idea on what to do but this just improved my understanding by 10000%

  • kawaiixakuma 7 months ago

    I use videostar but one day I would love to edit with AE so I’m learning stuff now 🤡

  • enya tapes 7 months ago

    ive never clicked soo fast

  • nxahsvids 7 months ago


  • ziontapes 7 months ago


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