Your Twitch Stream NEEDS This Transition! Pokimane Transition Tutorial

A few months ago, I redesigned Pokimane’s stream, and she LOVED it. In this video, I show you guys what I made, and how you can make the dope transition I made for her stream.

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  • Squitoot 1 year ago

    hello! what program are you using?

  • ZABYLIVE 1 year ago

    Can we replace the anime picture with a video ? Will it have the same effect ?

  • Herbert Anzel Belen 1 year ago

    intro too loong for flexin

  • DennAgain 1 year ago

    anyone have a after effects template for this?

  • Im 8 Bit 1 year ago

    If the logo is lime green will that effect the green screen aspects

  • Padlu 1 year ago

    When I put the filter on my screen it also affects my Scene itself. Its horrible in case I got green elements or similar colors.

  • Balcksoulplayer 1 year ago

    In Touch Portal you can not activate a source inside a scene (pls tell me if I missed the function). My workaround is a fourth scene like scene A without the transition Video (lets call it Scene A_1). Your start is Scene A_1, make a transition to scene Transition to trigger the video in Scene A and make a transition to Scene B.

  • Blade23445 1 year ago

    Is there a way to do this without a streamdeck? I don't have one currently (although I'm looking into getting one) and yet I'm wanting to make this type of stuff for my stream.

  • Shrey Gaikwad 1 year ago


  • Chloée FitGamer 1 year ago

    When I apply the Chroma key to the Scene A Source in the Transition SCene, The chroma key is applied to the real Scene A (scene) . Any way around this?

  • Vitor Santos 1 year ago

    Feelllsss baaad, I didn't know you needed an Elgato stream deck! is there any way to do it without it?

  • Needum 1 year ago

    so if you wanna go back to scene a from scene b it will automatically work? or do you have to set it up again but backwords?

  • Tentral 1 year ago

    So for this to work do you need a macro for every possible combination of scene transition? Like let's say you've got 5 scenes (A, B, C, D, and E), do you need a macro for A -> B, another for A -> C, another for C -> E, etc etc?

  • thafringe 1 year ago

    do i need a stream deck in order for this to work? or can i program this in OBS without any stream deck?

  • Cazzler 1 year ago

    I have been working with Fyre for years and he is amazing. So glad to see him getting a huge shoutout!

  • VKμmıhø 1 year ago

    Okay, i had a problem with the transition, when i play it the first scene pop-up at the and…
    To fix this, make sure in your transition pannel, the transition is set to "Cut", otherwise it play the others transition and make a "Bug".

    Your Welcome

  • Slayer7gaming 1 year ago

    Could you please do one for me please

  • Mahdoka 1 year ago

    thank you so much! so i'm using touch portal and it doesnt have this delay option what shoud i do?

  • Sulfaith 1 year ago

    im really struggling on how to do the chroma key thing. Ive done all the steps you said but the green hasnt gone away

  • Lieinuxxseus 1 year ago

    Thank you so much, I was easily able to do this in After Effects, thank you so much!!

  • Crisp B 1 year ago

    anyone know how to do this in Resolve? resolve is lowkey pi$$ng me off.

  • TonyLiveTV 1 year ago

    Do you think it would be possible to do videos without the annoying music in the background? I know it's a thing, but it completely distracts us from what you are doing and saying. At least turn the background music down. Like way down…. It's the only reason I wouldn't subscribe. All your videos are like that. Sorry….

  • Daniel T. 1 year ago

    Love your tutorial videos.
    I'm trying to reproduce this parallax effect on Windows in Davinci Resove – unfortunately with little success.
    Any chance you could to a tutorial for that too?

  • Salmence 1 year ago

    I can not figure out the image mask in Sony Vegas for the life of me lmao
    edit: cool so the 3D mode and clipping mask mode are on the same setting wheel, so you can only do one at a time (nothing will work in 3D space if just one item isn't 3D). Took a lot of extra work but I got it sorted out properly!

  • TOASTYDAWGZ 1 year ago

    how do i do this without stream deck?

  • Roland 1 year ago

    An absolute wizard

  • softelfi 1 year ago

    is there a way to make like a magical spell transition with wand

  • Ice Plays 1 year ago

    I would like to try this in blender

  • Gabe Williams 1 year ago

    So you can only use it..from one specific scene to another? it's only one way?

  • MAMAvsGOD 1 year ago

    You didn't show us how to make the EYE BLINK SIR!! BROOOOOO help

  • Itsme_jij 1 year ago

    how to create this transition without stream desk. its possible or not possible

  • Vyviel 1 year ago

    How much should you charge for that?

  • Nicholas Juliasz 1 year ago

    Where can I find the video of him making the viewers transition?

  • Flanzeta Gaming 1 year ago

    Done it after a lot of time and then discover that u need multi actions… no elgato stream deck here, and macro decks for phone don't have multi action

  • Pixipui 1 year ago

    This is absolutely amazing!!!
    Thank you so much for this xxx

  • UnkVet 1 year ago

    Any chance you could do this on Davinci resolve?

  • KniFiX 1 year ago

    I thought the comments will be full of simp comments

  • Namke 1 year ago

    99% retards : SiMp

  • FrXsk 1 year ago

    cant do the masking thing in after effects
    : (
    can somebody help………….

  • RazerStorm 1 year ago

    What software did you use?

  • Alex Munteanu 1 year ago

    Pokemon pokemon whos that pokemon you keep repeating? 🤦‍♂️

  • Reyes Miguel Aldo Gerardo 1 year ago


  • Taida たいだ 1 year ago

    So i have everything set up and i also have the transition working only problem is when the transition finishes it goes back to my original scene instead of the next one

  • Sevolund 1 year ago

    I know it is a quite old video, but dont drop it. On this thumbnail, you are cuter than her 😚

  • Jordan Hunter 1 year ago

    Hey! Does anyone use this for Touchlabs? I need help with the pathing for this since streamdeck is a little different.

  • Andrew Onfire 1 year ago

    I need A stinger transition but don`t Have Any Transparent Background Software

  • dis dude 1 year ago

    Omfg, I was looking at her stream the other day and just went: man I really fuckin love her overlay. Didn't know you made it, nice work

  • Anthroxya 1 year ago

    Tried to recreate this in Hitfil.. wasnt a good idea..

  • Gerardo Lara 1 year ago

    Honestly, you are doing incredible work i am kinda bummed that you don't have more subs

  • KeellShin 1 year ago

    so i got everything down pat then as soon as it got to setting it in OBS, I got majorly lost, more so it wouldn't transition properly between scene A and B

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