Wirecast 5 Strcit CBR to Twitch.tv Tutorial

How to set up Wirecast 5 for Twitch.tv’s specific “Broadcast Requirements”

Turning on Strict CBR (constant bit rate)

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Twitch Broadcast Requirements:

OBS Estimator:

find meh!

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  • Zack System - ZS 4 years ago

    Yeah that sounded good.. .OUT OF MY RIGHT EAR

  • Paul Hindt 4 years ago

    The Twitch presets that we include with Wirecast 5 were vetted by Twitch staff. They will provide you with an "Excellent" quality signal as reported by the Twitch dashboard. It seems that many users of Wirecast 5 have overlooked this. I have seen several people reporting incorrectly that Wirecast doesn't support Strict CBR.

    If you want to make custom presets that provide Excellent quality with Twitch, they recommend that you set –vbv-bufsize to a value equal to 0.8 * video bitrate. You also need to enable –nal-hrd cbr.

  • Neon Streetlight 4 years ago

    So good to see someone else experienced that blackout problem after Mavericks came out. I was also using my old 4.0 settings and didn't notice there was an option for CBR now. Thanks so much for the tip! Can't wait to test it out this week.

  • michael0913 4 years ago

    hi! i do not have wirecast right now but I'm using the Flash MediaLive Encoder.. I was just watching your video. All the configurations and the changes you did i copied it and it still says " ACCEPTABLE" ?

  • The Outside World 4 years ago

    Awesome bro


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