What Twitch Alert System Should You Use? | Tutorial 9/13

Learn about different Twitch Alert systems so that you can decide which is right for your stream.

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Hey everyone, in this video we’re going to discuss what alert system you should use as a new streamer on Twitch. Then, at the end of the video I’ll walk you through how to set up some on screen labels to display your latest stream supporters.

If you’re not familiar with alert or notification systems, they’re applications that allow you to display on screen events, which are generally when someone follows, subscribes to, tips, or hosts your Twitch channel. So in essence, they’re a way to show an on screen ‘thank you’ to the people that are supporting you as a streamer.

We’ll start with Twitch Alerts. This application is probably the most popular one out there – and for one big reason – it’s easy to set up and understand. If I needed to set up a new stream and I could probably do it within 2 minutes, while using Twitch alerts. This application is mostly web based, but like a couple of the other choices that we have, it has a downloadable program that we can run on our computer and use to monitor the alerts from our viewers – the program, called Stream Labels, will also update text files that we can bring into OBS. These text files can be used as a static on screen label of who our recent follower was, and a host of other options.

Let’s move on to another alert system that is quite new – Muxy.IO . This is my personal go-to alert system. I’ve been working with these applications for years now, and was impressed when I first tried out Muxy. Like almost all of the system we’ll talk about, Muxy does feature a dashboard with analytics, easy to set up basic alerts, a downloadable program called the ‘Ticker’ that will provide similar functions as Twitch Alerts. Muxy also makes it easy to set up alerts with Patreon and Gamewisp, as well as integration with Discord. They even allow connections to Twitch Alerts, Stream Tip, and NightBot. If some of these names don’t sound familiar, don’t worry – we’ll talk about them soon.

Another popular option is StreamPro.IO – I actually made a full video about StreamPro – so if you’re interested, check that out to get the details. One thing that has changed since that video, is that StreamPro is now under the same company as Twitch Alerts. This makes a lot of sense to me, as I feel that StreamPro brings a lot to the table in terms of being current.

This app is more than just a notification system. It featuresan easy to use overlay system, to where you can add in different widgets, and customize them to your liking. Once you’re done – you can bring in your design to OBS or any streaming software via the browser source. So in essence, your overlay and alerts system is saved in the cloud. You can also work from pre-built templates which will allow you to get graphics added into your stream within minutes. Notable widgets are their twitter feed, straw poll, and simple to add Twitch chat.

Another new system that I just haven’t had the time to fully experience and review is Gaming For Good. This platform originally began as a way for streamers to raise funds for charities, but has evolved into so much more. From what I’ve seen so far – it’s very quick and responsive, and easy to set up. A really cool part is that you can set a specific percentage of the tips that you earn to go to integrated charities such as Save the Children, or you can set the full amount to go to yourself. It also has a cool YouTube Jukebox that allows viewers to pay for songs to be played on your stream.



  • Lola Midnight 6 years ago

    Thanks, these videos are super useful :)

  • pTs 42 6 years ago

    Do you know if there is any way to get subscriber notifications from youtube in obs?

  • Satan Fish 6 years ago

    So this won't work at all if I don't get chrome?

  • Barry Mason 6 years ago

    Whats the best way to get things like CPU load, GPU load and FPS on screen without heavy impact on gaming.

  • Iron Shadow 6 years ago

    I'm looking at streaming about 3 different games, do I need to make different scenes for them or can I have 1 game capture window open for them at different times, say when I'm ending one game and going onto another?

  • BD GAMER 6 years ago

    help. my obs version have not any browser source, i cant add mya twitch box link , helpp

  • Rob Jennings (Rob Jay) 6 years ago

    well i dont use chrome, and google is getting rid of chrome apps on win/mac

  • Outdated Pixel 6 years ago

    I have a problem

    I don't really have a computer yet and I only have a ps4 and an iPad

  • Kiwi 6 years ago

    Try Strexm, it does all the notications for you with templates, and nice scrolling, and notifications. Works really well, I'd check it out if I were you!

  • Ben Etter 6 years ago

    How can i get streaming labels using firefox? my pc doesn't work with google chrome for some reason, so i have to use firefox. anything i can do?

  • Alan Naidon 6 years ago

    Mr. NerdOrDie. Thanks for the amazing collection of tutorial

    I have a question:

    I did configured a sound/image to my twitchalert but when I try to test it using BrowserSource, the sound comes out but the image does not… Although, if I teste it using the laucher it works…

    Any idea why?

  • Anis B 6 years ago

    Hey Nerd, how we can put the tab in the bottomof the screen "LATEST FOLLOWER " RECENT DONNATOR" ..etc.
    Very nice tutoriel Thank you !

  • Christos Kannas 6 years ago

    Have you checked https://strexm.tv ? I' using this for a while, is not very customisable but is very easy to setup.

  • DFRNT MEDIA 6 years ago

    Thanks a lot bro.. Keep goin!

  • SkillManOnline 6 years ago

    Man I have loved everything about this whole playlist watched everything and set it all up too.

  • Aeroica Gaming 6 years ago

    Do any of these sites, such as Twitch Alerts, work for YouTube's live stream service?

  • DirksModsCz 6 years ago

    Only two thing that you forgot.
    1. When you use Gaming4Good alert for donation, you don't have to solve chargebacks, because money goes to g2a wallet and chargebacks are solved by g2a.
    2. For donations which goes to charity you and donator gets points (donator gets twice as much as streamer i think) and for that points you can buy games or streamer can make auto subscriber giveaways (when someone subscribes he can get game for your points)
    Btw. Your tutorials are awesome. Keep up the good work :-)

  • MihneaCV 6 years ago

    I can't use the Browser Source.I mean, when i try to paste a site it doesn't show me that site in the preview.Also, it's something written in the CSS space "body { background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0); margin: 0px auto; overflow: hidden; }", even if i delete it, keeps appearing there everytime i open a new Browsersource

  • Guy Smith 6 years ago

    This series has been so useful to me, I'm definitely going to attempt a livestream on my two year YouTube channel anniversary!

  • WhereWereUaiming 6 years ago

    im using the OBS studio 0.14.2 and i cant figure out how to add a browser source. I will be getting my capture card in 3 days and want to have my OBS setup as much as possible prior to it getting here. i would love to chat to try and get more tips and tricks

  • rexclone11 6 years ago

    These videos are great I wished you had more subscribers because you deserve it!!

  • Vany Arphen 6 years ago

    Do you know if all these tools will work on my stream even if I'm streaming directly from my ps4 or do I need to go trought a program like OBS?

  • Alex Danielsson 6 years ago

    is it ok if i use ur donation/twitter images and such? xD

  • Falklang 6 years ago

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  • Stoneheach 6 years ago

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  • Seducier 6 years ago

    Muxy isnt working at all for me. The url keeps showing a gif in the corner and wont show the alert.

  • AlpacaLegion 6 years ago

    Nice video , bro!

  • FreezingGamer 6 years ago

    Thanks soooo much! My stream looks so much more professional

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  • MrMajesticSandwich 6 years ago

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