Using GIF Images in OBS for Twitch

Very quick tutorial. Learn the basics fast. Hopefully you pick up some useful information.
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  • AlwaysBeGaming 1 year ago

    hey do you know how to add pop ups on live streams like a personal png pic that says please make sure to follow or something like that

  • Marvin 1 year ago

    worked It out matey>>> Is will work TY

  • Marvin 1 year ago

    Thanks for the Info have used it and It works, have you done a youtube on gif 'Be right Back' or Is it about the same process as this YT Matey thanks again
    Marv, I'm new to Streaming too

  • Tridyl 1 year ago

    ty man but i have a certain gif i really like but dont know how to make it transperant

  • Dai Romano 1 year ago

    thanks and nice guy _

  • MZB production 1 year ago

    Great job sir

  • Stazza 1 year ago

    its gif not jif, u don't give someone a jift u give them a gift

  • _ Hixy 1 year ago


  • K&D Gaming 1 year ago

    cool video thank you man i appreciate that

  • ItzJandro98 1 year ago


  • Wokenn 1 year ago

    Thank you dude

  • Elise Wong Creations 1 year ago

    thank you. This helped me ^^

  • Dpul 1 year ago

    its pronounced yiff

  • Sneakyywoof 1 year ago

    you have such a nice awesome bloody voice man

  • DudeRobot 1 year ago

    thanks fam! your the real MVP XD

  • Gamer Deluxe 1 year ago


  • Ryan Devine 1 year ago

    Wow thanks

  • ZaeFlo 1 year ago


  • The Commenter 1 year ago

    Hmmm it displays a still frame from the gif file but does not animate. latest OBS Studio and windows 10

  • Pancakepow 1 year ago

    thank you <3

  • Matthew Ewert 1 year ago

    is there a way to have a gif that is not there all the time, but only pops up when I want by pressing a button or something.

  • Morgan Babineaux 1 year ago

    For me I put in a .gif and it's not animating. I am using v0.11.2 on a iMac.

  • buD ujS 1 year ago

    When you are streaming can you stream a game in fullscreen? An what resolution should I keep it?

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