• Sinrelm 8 months ago

    Nice cut and fake, Amaton is testing your CC , you need valid CC kid

  • Shiureishin 8 months ago

    it dont fix it… someone can help?

  • Darius Andrei 8 months ago

    Get this man: Account locked

    Your account has been locked for security purposes. Please check your email for instructions on how to unlock your account.


  • Austin Pooey Powers 8 months ago

    is it illegal to spoof some credit card numbers

  • Mxxd 8 months ago

    w8 for someone post for apex

  • ᎻᎬᎦᎻ هش 8 months ago

    Work now ?

  • Adam Tll 8 months ago

    @Explicit Tutorials  Man I can't even enter to the tunnel bear site I don't why but there is something is blocking me from entering I would really need some help or if you can do it for me please I will share this video and support you.

  • BARNicle BoY 8 months ago

    amazon account locked? why us that?

  • Synical Tearz 8 months ago

    DOSENT WORK DONT WASTE YOUR TIME!TRIED IT 5+ times with diffrent cards won’t work same error:(

  • goat 29 8 months ago

    You piece of shit, mye internet is ddosed and not working at all cause of your websites

  • Voss Playz 8 months ago

    Everything i try never works, please help me and the oh no error doesn't leave. I have tried redoing all the steps and creating a new account but OH NO is back at it again

  • Ricebait 8 months ago

    Explicit please could you do this for me DM for info on Instagram @jxzeph__

  • CarryMe 8 months ago

    Not working😭😭 help pls

  • Novas 8 months ago

    Oh no! We can’t enable Twitch Prime on your account. still writing this, please help mee :((

  • A Friendly Boy 8 months ago

    Someone please help me. When i go to twitch i do not get the option to claim loot when i click Start free trial

  • Unbreakable Gaming 8 months ago

    please please give me account ready to go please :((((

  • BLooDS inc 8 months ago

    dont work now , try all the methods and get this Oh no error , try aboyt 50 card numbers

  • Farouk Tamer 8 months ago

    dope dude tysm this actually worked

  • nTx TeaM 8 months ago

    works ?

  • FANIK 8 months ago

    omg thanks

  • Hans Alghifay 8 months ago

    i cant go to the payment option, wtf is going on? it requires to sign in and when i do it whith the same exact pw like i used in the previous data, its wrong. so can u help me plzz

  • Daniel 8 months ago


  • Dominik 8 months ago

    Does that mean i can make alot of accounts and have alot of free loot/prime subs?

  • Minis 8 months ago

    Not Working for me 🙁 !

  • danilo 8 months ago


  • AideN 8 months ago


  • uIItraviolence 8 months ago

    The pass is incorrect

  • LojicHere 8 months ago

    Make one for ppl that dont use fake credit cards…

  • Azermos 8 months ago


  • Jonno 6-1 8 months ago

    Dude your a legend thank you so much if just I New this when havoc pack was still out coz that’s my favourite skin in the game 🙁

  • hamza kh 8 months ago

    thx so much men 😀

  • Pat Delfosse 8 months ago

    Thank you Soo much, it worked for me

  • oddly 8 months ago

    Anyway dont work,i dont know what to do :((

  • dragos2009 8 months ago

    i can't make it to work at all can you make me one pls

  • Ben De La Torre 8 months ago

    please help it works but it keeps saying this! Oh no! We can’t enable Twitch Prime on your account.
    It looks like there was an error activating Twitch Prime.
    Common issues include problems with the credit card used to sign up for Prime where the credit card may be invalid or declined. To manage your Prime membership including updating credit card info click here. For other common issues click here.

  • Handexxx 8 months ago

    don't work please help aii trying this 4 hours and please help me

  • Zoom 8 months ago

    Help This Does Not Work.PLEASE HELPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pratheep Logeswaran 8 months ago

    i did the thing to stop the 'oh no' but it just happened again

  • Gaming.Cars.Soccer GCS 8 months ago

    this isnt working for me?

  • طاطا tata 8 months ago

    thx pro it really work

  • Gonçalo Sousa 8 months ago

    It isnt working for me, can anybody help pls?

  • Fr4nc0f 8 months ago

    music please

  • Sammez lGamingMobilel 8 months ago

    Hey dude, i really need help, i can't use my debit card because it's forbidden to use for like different country. I've followed your steps but it requires to change my VPN. this is not my laptop, it's my sister and i begging you to make me new twitch prime (7days trial) for me because i really like deadmau5 when i was a kid and now it's in pubg game. pm me on discord Sammez#2307 or check your contact that i messaged.

  • PabloC4 8 months ago

    Wait, how this fix works exactly? you changed your credit card or what?

  • Explicit Tutorials 8 months ago

    Guys, make sure to tune in on 17 JULY 14:00 PM (GMT +2) on twitch.tv/sk1dzcs , cause we will be running a FREE TWITCH PRIME GIVEAWAY ! More info: http://www.explicittutorials.com

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