• Alex With H 10 months ago


  • Kycklinggull1 10 months ago

    Me, who added text to my banner with Streamlabs OBS (sad face)

  • Fahmy Magdy 10 months ago

    I stream from my ps4 can i use this?

  • EFFXCTS 10 months ago

    I still can’t Believe that all of this is JUST 1 DOLLAR!!!

  • Rai 10 months ago

    Can you update this, Twitch is kinda different now.

  • SpeedMatter 10 months ago

    why dont I have the "edit panel" button

  • MrKrazator 10 months ago

    Thank you very much for all the information, this specific video helped me a ton!

  • Strapable 10 months ago

    Well I can’t even find anything

  • Fridi Beast 10 months ago

    wow you are really helpful to new streamers

  • Stinger & Autiszm Official 10 months ago

    Hi, I paid and downloaded the pack but the "starting soon" mp4 is different than the one in the video… I don't really like the new one. Can I get my hands on the one in your video?

  • Colzy 10 months ago

    yo i bought one of ur packs and closed the tab and now i cant get it back nvm i got it back

  • Jaivik Patel 10 months ago

    plz make a valorant amimated overlay pack for free

  • Kirito_ 69abc 10 months ago

    the tutorial is good but can you do an i depth explanation on how to get the stream alerts to work on the labels bar? the alerts isn’t showing a preview of the text like yours is and i have no idea why text isn’t showing up

  • Beardedabrandino 10 months ago

    Hi is there a way to edit your twitch overlay without a capture card ?

  • The memegod000 10 months ago

    how do i download the overlay packs?

  • Amira Kotze 10 months ago

    These tutorials are so helpful, thank you.

  • Kate Trish 10 months ago

    This is such a helpful tutorial! I'm an experienced designer, looking into how best to guide folks through utilizing resources for streaming GFX. This video is an awesome walkthrough for how to utilize available overlay designs, and it's definitely helping me figure out how best to deliver designs for Twitch streamers.

  • Afrozilla20 10 months ago

    When I click the link I enter my email and it says error 404

  • Gavin Judson 10 months ago

    When I try to add the new follower the writing doesn’t show up on screen for me to scale it to the label box

  • Alexandru Pale 10 months ago

    when i try do add labels like recent follower it just doesnt show

  • neku889 10 months ago

    every time i go to adjust the lables the square jumps to an insane size. like it wont crop right

  • trent ripley. 10 months ago

    I’m getting this tonight

  • Rodrigo Martinelli 10 months ago

    Thanks, just got the orange box.. looking forwar to do my own soon !

  • ALEXANDRU 10 months ago

    why i don't find the font family?

  • FinnestKill 10 months ago

    how do i do the most recent follower/sub thing if im just using obs

  • CarrilElManco 10 months ago

    Hi… Where can i find that version of Streamlabs?… The latest one does not have so many functions

  • CarrilElManco 10 months ago

    Hi… Can't find the mp4 files… where can i get them? bought the package

  • DM3X 10 months ago

    Hey Gael I downloaded the pack in 2020 and wanted to ask if you changed the pack cause the pack in the video is different .The 2020 pack does not contain any starting soon or be right back videos and only has a transition. Please can you share the old starting soon and be right back videos

  • skunkfam 10 months ago

    why the fuck dose it not show the same as your turorial ?
    your twitch screen when u go to channel u just press on something to fast to see and there is a drop down at 1:58 of your stream where are the fuckn pannels bro ? wtffff.?
    ive watch your tutorial over and over i think there was an update or something i cant use this tutarial becouse its just now the same
    i cant find it i fuckn give up streaming bro

  • J Van B 10 months ago

    Thank you kindly

  • DINO FN 10 months ago

    how did he type i n his own chat

  • Jonathan Forsberg 10 months ago

    Insanely helpful video! Just watching this video has made me learn so much about streamlabs. It used to seem incredibly intimidating, but after this video you make everything so simple. Thanks again, I love your themes too! Dropped $5 on one after I watched this video because you definitely earned it.

  • Juanfo 10 months ago

    01:12 – Twitch Channel
    03:18 – Custom Panels
    04:52 – Streamlabs OBS Setup
    08:40 – Stream Labels
    12:42 – Intermission Screen
    16:48 – Transition
    18:07 – Change Color
    18:54 – Custom Language

  • nickowastaken 10 months ago

    Hey I know I’m late, but great tutorial. But when I’m creating the New Follower Stream Label it’s just a thin vertical bar going up in the preview?

  • Mad Shadows 10 months ago

    Not all heroes wear capes

  • Austin Garcia 10 months ago

    when i hit plus to see to add follower names (following the tutorial on 9:30) i dont get the widgets option please help

  • Liviu k 10 months ago

    those are not "free"

  • Frederico William Dionisio 10 months ago

    I want to stream on twitch and I'm learning so much from you. I just bough your Hexa Animated Overlay Pack (it looks amazing) and I can't wait to start streaming. Love your channel bro, thanks for the tutorial.

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  • Marvin Fernandez 10 months ago

    Awesome video! Thanks man!

  • Ig Archie.williams_ 10 months ago

    Is this free ?

  • Gino's Gaming Station 10 months ago

    Bravo.. xD

  • Top Hat Doge 10 months ago

    How do I put the file in to stream obs since it keeps saying file not found

  • okjxsh 10 months ago

    what is the font name that was used for the DARKFUL pack?

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