Twitch WATCH PARTIES – Everything you need to know (Watch Party Guide and Tutorial)

Twitch’s new feature “Watch party” is now available worldwide, here’s the important information to know before launching your first Watch party.


How to setup Twitch ALERTS:
How to customize your Twitch channel:
Free live stream Stinger Transitions:
10 MISTAKES New Streamers make:

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  • Ceabiscuit Clips & Highlights 12 months ago

    DUDE such a great video, THANK YOU!

  • Sheikashii OLD CHANNEL no more uploads 12 months ago

    So if youre watching something and a tit pops out, it's Amazon's fault not mine right? I won't be banned?

  • Big nut 12 months ago

    Very informative thank you so much. Mans deserves more hype

  • Grovers Mill 12 months ago

    Thank You SO MUCH for the help 🙂

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    u da best

  • E C 12 months ago

    that was very helpful ty man

  • natasha scott 12 months ago

    Can you have multiple hosts? And can it record the watch party?

  • slimbocker73 12 months ago

    I cannot resize the webcam and the streaming quality is atrocious. I have tried three times so far and every one is an unpublished pile of hot garbage. What am I doing wrong? also I try to put watch party in the category and it say to do it from the quick action. I do that and it tells me I have to start a live stream first, so I do that but obs trips out saying I didn't label the stream(because it won't let me, same in stream manager). Twitch studio literally stops me at that point. I wanna stream movies but it looks like the function itself is terribly flawed.

  • SteamPoweredHrt 12 months ago

    Are we able to buy movies and watch them with prime?

  • George Adusei 12 months ago

    Does it have to be Amazon? I got my own movies I'd wanna watch with strangers.

  • Officialtherealledgic 12 months ago

    If I do a watch party and I want just audio but no live video webcam feed. Can I turn off my Live video feed and run just audio during the watch party?.
    I’m super NEW to doing a watch party on twitch.

  • LORDJESSIAH 12 months ago

    This video was super helpful thanks dude!

  • Gordon W - Nichol 12 months ago

    Can you do a step by step please I’m trying to do this lol and just can get it

  • ViperGamingUK 12 months ago

    So we can't even add overlay for webcam? Thanks for the update May try this out

  • Alice Dranger 12 months ago

    thanks so much for the thorough explanation!

  • khernandez 12 months ago

    do I need to have a cam on for watch party

  • Bon Jailey 12 months ago

    Did you have to specify the section? Example: just chatting?

  • 16 Studios 12 months ago

    HOW to watch party other streamers

  • CoCo Love 12 months ago

    It looked like some viewers without prime was seeing it. Was this the case? I plan on doing my first watch party tonight but got turned off by non prime members not being able to watch.

  • Blood Sucking Gamers 12 months ago

    Sweet "Supreria" for Halloween. All minors welcome!!!

  • Tanya Vital 12 months ago

    We were so unuseful that day lol

  • MKits 12 months ago

    11:00 you can skip to this point to see how it works, first 11 minutes are just him reading the twitch description details page and making alot of uninformed guesses that don't make sense, you are welcome.

  • Jax Dagger 12 months ago

    "desktop only" just means it can't be used on mobile, nothing to do with affiliate.

  • RHT 12 months ago

    Idk… this all sounds so risky lmfao. I applaud bigger streamers doing it but I can’t count on myself showing something w/o being docked for it. Maybe it’s just me but I’m a scary cat lmao

  • Low-Mercy Predator Hunters 12 months ago

    Can You Stream a Movie from console to Twitch ?? Like My Streaming Is Console to Twitch ?? Would it work really interested for my Community!! Playing Predator movies would be badass !! Please let .e know brother !?

  • The Alibi Tent 12 months ago

    Why not use Twitch studio? I want to start doing watch parties and was relying on being able to use it.

  • Woodinville Wine Blog 12 months ago

    Thank you for this overview! I'm nervous to get started but excited by the possibilities. Looking forward to watching wine shows with my community this autumn when we're isolating back at home on rainy evenings !

  • Brycen Warren 12 months ago

    i need help with streamlabs obs

  • GranpaGrenade 12 months ago

    Thanks Gael for all your content. Really helping alot of people create better content. Much appreciated 🙏

  • Mr.Dr. PsYcHo 12 months ago

    Gael LEVEL you still the best

  • Universal Deathshaw 12 months ago

    Do u need to have a camera on

  • VEEV 12 months ago

    Best one to explain everything you need to start streaming

  • Al Polen Singcay 12 months ago

    Hey Gael. I wanted to buy some of your overlay packs from gumroad but it wouldn't let me pay with Paypal. How do I go around this?

  • CGamer76 12 months ago

    Downsides to this people without Prime can't watch. I have a wide variety of people from all different parts of the world so I feel bad for people that can't watch or the content isn't available worldwide. Also one question I had at the start was could mobile users watch, but looks like mobile users are out as well unfortunately. I actually think with some revisions though it might actually be useful. I kind of feel like this is Twitch's/Amazon's response to services like rabbit, kastle and others that streamers use for movie nights with their communities.

  • VFox_42 12 months ago

    I haven't watched the video yet, I just wanted to say I got affiliate on Twitch yesterday and I wanted to say thank you so much for all the turorials help and motivation you gave me. Keep it up, I'm gonna sub now cause you deserve it.

  • Chelsea Bishop 12 months ago

    I found this super helpful thank you ❤️

  • Tugger Jaegger 12 months ago

    They need to fix some stuff, lol! The pausing is bugged if someone has to go to the bathroom

  • NextEra Gamer 12 months ago

    great content Gael! Thanks

  • Akibana Zero 12 months ago

    Thanks, Gael! You cleared up some questions I had. Sucks that viewers have to have Prime as well but that's the nature of the Amazon beast I guess.

  • A5S4S5IN .Fortnite 12 months ago

    when are you going to take out loading into game overlay on your website

  • Lux Rai 12 months ago

    interesting, for me i dont see the creator im not sure why?

    also wonder if netflix will partner with youtube live to compete hmmm

  • Tahrgit 12 months ago

    Hello Again!

  • TheQueenOfPirates 12 months ago

    thank you very much

  • flyvox 12 months ago

    Great feature, great video! I might look into doing a watch party, seems fun! Thanks for the quick tutorial, Gael!

    P.S. I'm in the Video! 🤗

  • Spiffy BB 12 months ago

    Thanks for this video!

  • Muir Dragonne 12 months ago

    I love the idea of this, but I don't have a large community so would be worried that doing a watch party would hurt my view average. Also, what category do you think would be best to stream a watch party in? Just Chatting, Special Events, or is there a specific category for it?

    (Edit: OK, so it doesn't count towards viewer numbers, which is good. I might actually try this, then!)

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