Twitch Tutorials – How To Add A Loyalty Bot To Stream (!points !bankheist !bet) AnkhBot

Sorry for the random noises in the background. Construction going on :/
Hopefully this helps some of you!

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  • Halomcr 4 months ago

    i think this a good video and all but its at Version now nothing looks the same really ;/

  • The Daniel Strada 4 months ago

    great tutorial, thanks for the guidance!

  • Chocolate Thanos 4 months ago

    can you use this bot on youtube streams?

  • MST 4 months ago

    Says "NOTICE: Improperly formatted auth" Tried redoing the auth thing but didn't work. Help please!

  • Patrick 4 months ago

    It doesn't let me download it

  • Sizzyl 4 months ago


  • TheGaming/ shadow 4 months ago

    the currency system only works wen I do it not wen my views do it old help me

  • TheGaming/ shadow 4 months ago

    the currency system only works wen I do it not went my viewers do it

  • Foxcho 4 months ago

    Why me and my viewers don't get any points? when i write "!points" in chat it ssaid "Foxcho has $points" ?

  • Cmdr_Suprafanatic 4 months ago

    Do you know of a command which would allow a specific user to give some of their points to every viewer in chat without doing each individual name? I mean similar to the !points add +viewers command.

  • Freddy 4 months ago

    how do i change accounts ?

  • BSm00keyy 4 months ago

    Thx this helped a lot

  • ianms21 4 months ago

    Nice video 🙂 it was quite helpful, thanks!

  • Zombie Man 4 months ago

    Thx helped alot

  • Bri B 4 months ago

    Hi! I'm having trouble setting up an "add points" command. I can't interpret the Ankhbot pdf, I get a funky error when I tried setting it up myself. I was wondering if you set up a !add points command for your channel and what the description / response looked like. Thanks for your help :3

  • Zbuckner 4 months ago

    I would like to give points per donation, or give the top Donator extra points. is it possible to give points manually?

  • Zbuckner 4 months ago

    automatically become a regular? what does that mean?

  • LionNerd Randomness 4 months ago

    Thanks so much for making this! It's quick and easy! One question though: Does it still work with Windows 10? I'd be happy to sub and follow!

  • Gerofied 4 months ago

    Helped a lot thank you

  • OMGitsFergie 4 months ago

    You're v cute tbh ❤️

  • The Kandy Klown 4 months ago

    Is there anything like this program for YouTube Stream? or is only for Twitch…

  • ItsRa1na 4 months ago

    it doesnt want to work with me :c

  • Connor_car24 4 months ago

    I want a bot but i stream on my Xbox one :/

  • Kaye Breezy 4 months ago

    Does this work for mac??

  • Niccolo 4 months ago

    What is your twitch name?

  • Mimqy 4 months ago

    Awesome tutorial thanks allot!

  • baker 4 months ago

    thanks for tut ;___; <3

  • Gillzer 4 months ago

    Can u help me out when people in my stream and they type the currency thing it doesn't pop up for them but when I do it it does Plzz help

  • DUTCHxGUN 1 4 months ago

    I try to login my Bot but it stays saying all the time Ouath-Token does not belong to FlixxBot! I logged out from website of twitch and tried again .. SAME problem ! Do you have any idea how to do it ? :/

  • Helios 4 months ago

    JFC it feels like im watching and listening to a 10 year old.

  • venus 4 months ago

    how to download pls i need help

  • UB8Gaming 4 months ago

    hi there just wanted to say thanks u so much for this video its defo the best tutorial on this stuff out there.. it was so clear and very easy to follower.. will be happy to hit that sub button and follow

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