Twitch Tutorial – How To Set Up OBS to Stream MapleStory

WARNING: Prepare for intense mouse cursor movements.

I though I’d share just in case anyone else would like to stream πŸ˜€ Feel free to ask me questions.
Sorry about the lag I was recording with Snagit and I guess Maple made it seem very slow. Also sorry for the random noises on the mic :/


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Please watch: “[VLOG] #4 – Look at my dog !!!”



  • Sky Cloud 10 months ago

    watch in 2019 and cant make maple visible , its still blank screen

  • ALOHARISES 10 months ago

    Hey maki tenk you 🦍🦍🦍😊😊😊🌺🌺🌺

  • Talestory JL 10 months ago

    Thank you! πŸ™‚ my first streaming went well x) nobody was watching tho heheh!

  • VoidBG 10 months ago

    from this day foward i will be known as stavko55555 the guy who joines every maplestory reboot stream who also streams

  • MapleSimon 10 months ago

    Wow Maki, this was so helpful!!! finally found out that Window Capture is what I needed and not Screen capture πŸ™‚

  • Renato Gamarra 10 months ago

    how do you resize the windows mode D:?

  • Cloud 10 months ago

    I was just trying to set up my stream for fun and noticed I had two black bars on the both the right and left side of the stream and I have no idea how to fix it. Any insight to the solution of this problem would be fantastic.

  • Hahah Bhaha 10 months ago

    Maki mines laggs like crazy for people who watch any suggestions?

  • CaffreyWHK 10 months ago

    i just "kinda" started to stream, i wanted to see if my internet and all could handle it by the looks of it, it does so thank you for the "set up" video, my Twitch name if your intrested is OfficialLarsson

  • QuinnEdits 10 months ago

    hey maki, quick question, when i record on stream, on twitch the quality is horrible. how can i fix this? and its lagging pretty bad
    pls hit me back when you can ty ^.^

  • Maki M 10 months ago

    +Michael Pham you don't have to be pro to stream πŸ™‚

  • Michael Pham 10 months ago

    I wish I can stream but my character is level 156 :"( and it badddddddddd

  • teemoismyfriend 10 months ago

    Thank you so much~

  • Doctor Tabi 10 months ago

    When I record why is it cut up and panned (zoomed into) I want to see the full Maplestory screen. I'm recording in 800×600.

  • LolOrange Lolo 10 months ago

    orange bow down to you

  • Frederik Hernandez 10 months ago

    Its Odd For Me Because when i have my Obs infront of maple my stream picks it up same when im on the googlecrome is there any way to prevent that from showing?

  • Poeskak Gaming || Gaming Channel 10 months ago

    My stream is just black? but i have my window captured selected? i have no idea why its not working

  • Lennoxrenol 10 months ago

    How do I get into 2m2mNoClown? I really love everyone in the group streaming maple interacting with people and having a good time so I feel like it will be a great place to get noticed :p

  • SNKN 10 months ago

    Doing all the steps but my Maple videos always look like crap after I'm done recording them πŸ™ There are examples on my channel (three latest videos). Not really sure why the quality is getting blurred slightly!

  • RedMarch 10 months ago

    Hello, Maki, thanks to your videos (and alot of other vids) i was about to setup a stream and alert system. Thanks alot, Maki. Come say hi to me sometime, big fan πŸ˜€

  • Aliahsan 10 months ago

    Cool video, might get into streaming now :).

  • Andrew C 10 months ago

    u make me happy everyday makiΒ ( ΰ½€ Κ–Μ― ΰ½€)α•—
    why u do dis, u so sweeeeeeeeettttttttt

  • Maki M 10 months ago

    @MRFRESHdosΒ  you don't necessarily have to be 2m2m to stream πŸ™‚

  • magibon 10 months ago

    i started streaming, but people on my stream say that its freezing, not buffering

  • SoulessClone 10 months ago


  • Timmix Tran 10 months ago

    Nice! I might start streaming this summer.

  • HamHam TwentySeven 10 months ago

    Hi Maki I like your tutorials but can you make a guide about getting the SBC's because I want to get a new look for my BAM Thank.You .

  • SCIZORyu 10 months ago

    ty maki!

  • Kriojenic 10 months ago

    How do i get it to actually show top donator and an animation for when somone follows you?

  • AlbertinoGMS 10 months ago

    QOTV (Question of the Video) : What motivates you to play maplestory almost daily?

  • Carbon Drift 10 months ago

    EU Amsterdam (holland) FTW!!

  • Drean 10 months ago

    Ooh, nice tutorial! Now teach me how to make a cool overlay like your's !!

  • Ozy Mandias 10 months ago

    your screen is huge me jelly

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